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Travel deals November and Black Friday 2023

UK travel deals for Black Friday and November 2023

Written on November 19, 2023 in Travel tips

A deeper look at the most amazing opportunities to enjoy an amazing end-of-year trip and save some of your hard-earned cash in the process! The Winter Holidays make for a perfect opportunity for people to leave the British shores in favour of warmer, perhaps even exotic destinations. There are so many options out there. Thankfully,…

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5 Best Gatwick Hotels For Avid Travelers

5 Best Gatwick Hotels For Avid Travelers

Written on November 5, 2023 in Travel tips

Your hotel can make or break your getaway.  Comfort, style, and convenience are the ultimate priority. Whatever your budget, you’ll find a hotel near Gatwick to make you feel at home, and elevate your trip away. Whether you’re looking for high-luxury or a clean, functional space, each of these hotels offers great value, great amenities,…

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5 Best Eastbourne Hotels For Families

5 Best Eastbourne Hotels For Families

Written on June 10, 2023 in Travel tips

Eastbourne is one of the UK’s most popular resort towns, famous for its beautiful beaches, blue skies, art galleries, and the timeless Eastbourne pier. Eastbourne is also said to be the UK’s sunniest spot – so if you’re hoping to catch some rays, this is the place to be!  Eastbourne has so much to offer,…

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10 Best Cambridge Hotels

10 Best Cambridge Hotels

Written on June 9, 2023 in Travel tips

When you hear Cambridge, the first thing you probably think about is high-class, top-tier education. But this beautiful city has so much more to offer than just educational pursuits. It is here that you’ll find quaint cobbled streets, breathtaking bridges, astounding architecture, and more.  And if you’re planning a trip to the stunning area, you’ll…

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6 Best Scarborough Hotels

6 Best Scarborough Hotels

Written on June 8, 2023 in Travel tips

Ah, the English North East coast. Facing the North Sea, windswept, and with a landscape that can’t be beaten, whether it’s the many rocky beaches that dot the landscape, or the rolling hills and meadows of North East Yorkshire. There’s a beauty to this part of England that you won’t find anywhere else in the…

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7 Best Oxford Hotels

Hotel discounts & deals in Oxford: 7 Best Hotels

Written on June 7, 2023 in Travel tips

Oxford has long been a place that has been prized for its great education and culture. With a history that stretches back hundreds of years, it’s no surprise that it has become a tourist hotspot in the past few decades. Everyone wants a taste of the history and life here, it seems! And with that…

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7 Best Newcastle Hotels That You Will Love

Hotel discounts & deals in Newcastle: 7 Hotels

Written on June 6, 2023 in Travel tips

While many people going for city visits in England may opt for the big places, such as London, Birmingham, or Manchester, or the historical cities like Oxford or Cambridge, there are a host of other incredible places that should also make that list. Take Newcastle, as an example. Undoubtedly the party capital of North-East England,…

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Hotels In Nottingham For A Comfortable Stay

6 Best Hotels In Nottingham For A Comfortable Stay

Written on June 5, 2023 in Travel tips

When it comes to city stays across the United Kingdom, the best places to visit have often been the biggest or oldest cities across the islands of this nation. London is the big one, but there are also many other places like Manchester, Edinburgh, Belfast, Oxford, Glasgow, and a whole host of other regions to…

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13 Best Hotels In Leeds

Hotel discounts & deals in Leeds: 13 Hotels

Written on June 4, 2023 in Travel tips

Not only is Leeds a creative and cultural hub with a thriving arts and food scene, it’s home to some of the largest inner city parks in the UK, so there’s no shortage of reasons to visit this vibrant city. The question is… of the many options, where should you book accommodation? And were can…

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