Most of us love the warmth. When it gets too hot, however, it’s not so great anymore. High heat can really be stressful! So, what can you do if temperatures are rising, sweat is dripping and it’s hard to sleep?

Airing in the morning and evening is a tried and tested trick. Taking a cold shower is another. You can also avoid being active when it’s at its hottest. Drinking a lot and drinking cold are two other tips.

Of course, you can also use smart gadgets to cope with a hot destination or a heatwave. However, you don’t have to run out and buy an expensive portable AC for many thousands of dollars the first thing you do. There are many good alternatives to an expensive AC and here we list 9 cost-effective ways to cope with the heat!

Mini air coolers

Mini air coolers

An AC might be too expensive and a fan might be too cumbersome. A perfect middle ground for coping with a hot destination or a heat wave is a so-called mini-air cooler. This gadget is very handy in its format and can for example be placed on the bedside table. Power consumption is low and many models can be powered by a powerbank!

How does it work? You fill it with water and turn it on. Using the water, the mini-air cooler then cools the air for a number of hours. Some models provide cooling for up to 12 hours, i.e. a whole night. With a few ice cubes in the container, you can make cooling even more efficient.

Cooling mat for pets (that we humans can also use)

Cooling mat for pets

Many of our beloved pets are struggling in the heat. The reason? They can’t sweat like we humans can. Bathing is an option for some pets but most really don’t like water. So what do you do to cool your pet down? You can use a cooling mat!

In fact, we humans can also use cooling mats. One idea is to put one under the sheet to make it easier to sleep. How does a cooling mat work? The concept is simple. The carpet contains alkogel or heat-dissipating fibres that dissipate heat for a cooling effect.

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Training clothes that breathe

Heat and humidity make us sweat. Actually, it’s good because sweat cools us down. However, if we wear clothes made of cotton or other materials that stop evaporation from the skin, the cooling effect is minimal. The solution is to wear clothes that breathe!

There is a world of clothing that allows the skin to breathe. Above all, there are lots of training clothes that breathe. They are made of both synthetic and natural materials such as bamboo and wool. Next time you’re travelling to a hot destination or trying to endure a heatwave at home, it’s a good idea to wear breathable workout clothes.

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Store sock/pillowcase with rice in the fridge


An old classic housewife’s trick for coping with the heat is to stuff a sock full of rice and then chill it in the freezer. It only takes a few hours in the freezer for the rice to get really cold.

This kind of “rice sock” keeps the cold for a long time and is really a cost-effective way to cope with the heat. Place the sock over your neck or on your chest for a cooling effect. Of course, you can also refrigerate the sock in the fridge and of course you can also use other items such as pillowcases.

Cooling mattress/bed mattress

The ingenuity when it comes to gadgets to cope with a hot destination or a heatwave is really great. On this list, you’re sure to find several gadgets you’ve never heard of before. Here’s another one! It’s about a cooling mattress.

A cooling mattress consists of a pump and a mattress with a number of built-in hoses. The pump sends cold water through the pipes to cool the bed, making it easier to sleep. In winter, simply turn the heat on and fill up with hot water for a better night’s sleep.

Cooling vest for humans

Cooling vest for people

You may know that there are cooling vests for dogs and horses? In fact, there are also cooling vests for humans. It can really help you cope with really tough temperatures. You cool a large part of your body with a vest.

If you take a closer look at cooling vests for humans, you will see that there are a few different variations. Some cool by soaking them so the water can evaporate. Others have built-in air circulation and there are also variants with cooling gel.

Ice roll

Ice rolls have been used since ancient times to soothe the skin around the eyes and increase blood circulation for tired eyes. However, you don’t have to limit yourself to your eyes. You can use an ice roller anywhere on your body.

An ice roller consists of a handle and a roller that rotates as you drag the handle back and forth across the skin. Start by putting the whole package in the freezer for a while. Then you can pull the handle over your skin to cool down. There are many different varieties of ice rolls, but they all have one thing in common. They keep their icy cold for a long time!

Table fan or floor fan

Table fan

An old tried and tested trick to cool off in the heat is to use a fan. A traditional fan does not make the air colder. Instead, it blows away the hot air around the skin and this in itself has a cooling effect.

Using a fan gives you a very cost-effective method of coping with the heat. A table fan or floor fan doesn’t have to cost that much. However, a fan with a round propeller takes up a lot of space. A smart alternative could be a column fan or tower fan. If you want to use a fan on the balcony or patio, there are also clever models that send out a mist of microscopic water droplets.

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Cooling cap

When it’s really hot, it’s extra important to protect your head from the sun. Too much sun on your head makes you drowsy and maybe even nauseous. A cap or sun hat will block out the sun’s burning rays, but you’ll still get hot and sweaty.

Fortunately, cooling caps are available. They are actually quite ingenious! Step one is to wet the cap, which only takes a few minutes. Step two is to squeeze out any excess water. Then just put on your cap and look forward to many hours of cooling off. It is the evaporation of the water that provides the coolness. But, don’t you get your head wet? No, the fabric against the head stays dry.