365Tickets Discount Code 2020 | 10%, 15%, 20%, 30% | September

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5%, 10%, 15%, 20%, 25%, 30% off at 365Tickets



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365Tickets are a company that helps people find their adventure, holiday or experience on a website, and purchase tickets for a discounted price. Customers benefit from the service when they link their bookings with a loyalty card too.

So if you’re looking to book your next holiday, visit a museum or even go see the Eiffel Tower, then 365Tickets is the place for you! There are various attractions in over 10 major cities around the world, including the likes of New York and Paris.

So if you’re looking for a discount on your next adventure, book with a 365Tickets discount voucher and get even more of a deal today.

365Tickets Cancellation Policy

You cannot exchange or cancel any ticket on 365Tickets. However, if you purchased a Flexiticket, you are allowed to change your ticket within three days before the performance date. If you fail to make changes within the three days, you will be charged a cancellation fee.

365Tickets Refund Policy

The company has a policy that allows you to get a refund for any booking not used. However, this will depend on a set of circumstances such as an accident, illness, issues with the ticket, pregnancy, or cancellation of a booked event. Typically, 365Tickets will not refund in case of an existing illness, failure to show proof of a doctor's report, among others. If believe that you are acting in accordance to their terms and conditions, feel free to request a refund from the website.


365Tickets provides a secure platform where you can buy tickets for all of your leisure activities. When you pay using your card, no one can view your card information. Even the company’s staff can only see the partial information related to the bookings you are making.


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