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Alpine Elements understand that getting fitter is much more than just a chore for some individuals. It is a way of life that they must always adhere to no matter where they are or what they are doing. This is the primary reason why the company specializes in organizing dream holidays for physically active people.

Alpine Elements has been in business for many years and always strives to match the needs and expectations of active thrill-seeking holidaymakers with good outdoor breaks that they desire to enjoy.

The most exciting part of it all is that these action-packed holidays are highly affordable. Even with all the extras and mind-blowing activities they offer, they are still mindful of your pocket and aware that most people live by tight budgets.

Exciting Summer Activity Holidays

Their multi-activity summer holiday activities offer you an incredible opportunity to experience amazing activities in the famous French Alps. Whether you are a biker or walker, a climber or glider, swimmer or sailor, rafter or rider, they have got something amazing for you.

Their fun-filled activity holidays also come with a wide range of inclusive activities for free, and their Kids Club and Active Reps leaders will always be there to ensure you get the most out of your holiday.

Dedicated Staff Ready to Serve You

The company employs more than 369 staff in winter and 250 staff members in summer to serve its clients. Most of these people comprise of seasonal employees employed through the Alpine Elements Academy to ensure every client is attended to by a professional.

They also have a permanent team of employees who work throughout the year from the UK office in Wimbledon. The staff members are trained on how to offer highly streamlined customer operations with primary focus on the fine details that make every customer feel valued.


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