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The primary reason why you are yearning to go for a holiday is to rest, relax, and feel comfortable. Therefore, your choice of accommodation matters because it will determine if you can achieve these goals. Catered Ski Chalets strives to make your stay as comfortable as possible by leaving the entire organisation in the care of another person.

Technically, you are guaranteed a home away from home experience that you won’t forget. This is a unique experience that you won’t get in any other holiday accommodation facility. It will blow your mind and leave you yearning for more of it!

Enjoy an All-Inclusive Service in Your Own Chalet

One great thing about this facility is leaving the organisation to someone else. Your chalet is a home away from home because you will have an English speaking chalet staff member who will prepare meals for you, keep your chalet clean, tidy, and well-organised, and even do the washing after dinner.

The facility offers a wide range of high-altitude chalets in varying sizes that suit different budgets. Whichever chalet you pick, you are guaranteed a friendly and memorable winter holiday experience. It doesn't matter whether you travel as an individual or a team; you can always book a chalet that is big enough for you.

If you want to enjoy extra relaxation, then be sure to choose one of the chalets with a Jacuzzi, outdoor sauna, or infrared sauna.


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