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About Great Little Breaks

Great little Breaks has been in existence since 2011. It is part of the HotelShopUK Ltd. The hotel believes that when you take a little break, you deserve to have an enjoyable break. Great Little Breaks offers unforgettable and unique experiences. It is committed to delivering exceptional value in terms of service, price, and quality.

The hotels liaise with different accommodation sellers, partners, and attractions to pick the best available offers in the UK that can be put together to create unforgettable short breaks.

Impeccable Virtual Tours

Great Little Breaks offers a virtual tour to the UK that shows you some of the top destinations that you can visit. With Great Little Breaks, you will experience special outings, attraction, and art in the UK that will leave you yearning for more. 

Some of the top destinations you can visit while staying at a Great Little Break’s facility include Tranquil Oxford Shire Break, Worcestershire Walking Retreat, and Buckinghamshire Village. These destinations have carefully been selected to offer you a memorable experience as you marvel at the beautiful UK scenery.

With Great Little Break, you can explore the countryside, visit the seaside or relax in the serene environment far from the city hustle. The short breaks they offer are inspirational and ideal for a weekend escape or midweek getaway.

Quality Service

The company has managed to amass a significant number of five stars from their past clients, thanks to the quality service they offer. The quality service includes late check-out, packed lunch to those who fancy walking adventures, afternoon tea, and romantic dinners in some of the best restaurants.


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