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Iceland Foods Ltd known as Iceland is a supermarket chain in Britain. Their headquarters are in Wales. They emphasize on the sale of frozen foods that include prepared meals and vegetables. They also sell a share of non-frozen food items such as produce, dairy, meat, and dry goods. The company does the sales of approximate 2.2% share products of the UK food market. Malcolm Walker opened their first store in Shropshire, England in 1970. The store used to sell loose frozen food but soon they developed a label of their own and started selling the items under the label in 1977 and by the end of 1978, they had become to own around 28 restaurants. Apart from the United Kingdom, they have stores in Portugal, Bahamas, Ireland, Iceland, Burmese, Jersey, Malta, Guernsey, Czech Republic, and Norway. The net income of Iceland is around 200 million Euros.


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