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Radisson Blu is an International hotel Chain company which was established in the year 1960. it was formerly known as Radisson SAS. Radisson Blu currently has several hotels established in 380 locations around the world. The headquarters are located in Minneapolis, the United States, and Brussels, Belgium. Radisson Blu is stylish, sophisticated, and iconic. The hotels are best designed for all sorts of trips. The hotels have a stunning ambiance and atmosphere. Radisson Blu aims for a 100% satisfaction of the guest. They are the best when it comes to hosting a business meeting. The food, service, and the staff of Radisson is eloquent. Radisson Blu also provides gift cards where one can buy a suitable gift card and have an amazing holiday. One can use a gift card for 2 years and approximately 300 hotels. Radisson Blu members are always eligible for the special discounts on their bookings.