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Radisson Red is a chain of hotels established internationally. It is a sister Company of the international hotel chain Radisson Hotels. The hotels of the Radisson RED are operated and owned by the Radisson Hotel Group. Till 2016, Radisson Red had only two hotels in the locations of Brussels, Belgium and in Minneapolis, United States. They later opened hotels in Campinas, Cape Town, and Glasgow. It is proposed that there is going to be the sixth hotel soon to be opened in Liverpool in the year 2020. Radisson has claimed that Radisson RED is a hotel chain that connects art, fashion, and music. They serve worldwide currently in 5 locations. Radisson RED has an application of its own where you can ask for anything you need and they will provide for you. Their unique model suggests that the customer must be in full control. The spaces designed are of the red core, eclectic, and bold.