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About UK Breakaways

Finding affordable hotel stays and leisure breaks is nothing short of a challenge, especially when you factor in all of the various variables that go into booking a high-quality location. There are so many different options and choices that you can choose from in terms of locating a premium hotel venue or place to take a leisurely break at that the choices can be quite overwhelming at times. If you’re trying to find a getaway location for a special event or moment in your life in the UK, there is some good news for you as one provider does it better than all of the rest.

That provider is known as UK Breakaways, UK Breakaways is a top-notch provider of all things vacation and luxury as it pertains to any occasion that you can imagine. The site offers exclusive deals and promotions on virtually any type of getaway or vacation booking that you can imagine. Whether it’s taking a break in the city, relaxing with your family, finding inspiring sceneries to gain motivation for a project, or anything else that you can imagine, UK Breakaways can help you locate the perfect spot in no time.

One of the best features about UK Breakaways is that they allow you to use a UK Breakaways discount code every time you decide to book a getaway for reduced pricing on virtually all plans available on the site. Some of the most popular promotions and discounts currently available are: 25% off of all Christmas breaks booked with the site, 17% off of all holiday bookings made on the site, 19% off of all Memphis Theatre breaks, 10% off of select bookings made on the site, 15% off of select holiday bookings on the site, 20% off of all hotel bookings make on the site, and more.

Enjoy a nice city break

There are a lot of different cities in the United Kingdom which offer exhilarating entertainment options for you to enjoy at every turn. When booking a city break with UL Breakaways, you will be able to enjoy a slew of different activities such as nightlife, dining out, sightseeing, shopping cafes, and more. You’ll also gain access to premium hotel options in whatever city you choose to reserve a city break in which means that all of your needs are covered in one simple package.

The cities available for you to book a city break in are as follows: London, York, Liverpool, Bath, Birmingham, Aberdeen, Chester, Edinburgh, Coventry, Bath, Leeds, Hull, Manchester, Newcastle, Nottingham, and more. All of these various cities give you the ability to book either a 1 night, 2-night, 3 night, or 4 night stay so that you can engage in all of the activities you desire without any issues.

Enjoy a night in the city accommodated by UK Breakaways so that you can soak up all that your surroundings have to offer.

Take part in a relaxing family vacation

If you are interested in taking your family on a vacation, UK Breakaways has you covered and offers a lot of different family holiday vacation packages which allow you and your family to create memorable moments while enjoy the time that you all spend together. There are several different family vacation options that you can choose from including: Go Active, Pontins, Holidays Parks, Cottages, Lodges, Cornwall, Scotland, Lodges, Boats, Devon, and more. For family entertainment options, UK Breakaways has you covered with a lot of different entertainment options for you to choose from.

Some of the most popular entertainment choices that you can select from when booking a trip with UK Breakaways includes: School of Rock, The Lion King, Blackpool Bonus, Harry Potter, Madagascar, Mary Poppins, Wicked, Tutankhamun, Matilda, and more. All of these various showings give you the ability to enjoy a relaxing time with your family while also indulging in premium entertainment options that will surely keep you captivated for hours on end.

When booking a family vacation with UK Breakaways, you will have to choose the type of event that you’re interested in partaking in, the amount of rooms that you need, and how long you plan on staying at your desired location. UK Breakaways has a lot of different family vacation options for you to choose from so you’ll never be limited to the type of entertainment you can engage in.

View an exciting show

Nothing beats sitting down and enjoying a nice show while vacationing in the UK, thanks to UK Breakaways, you will be able to enjoy a wide range of different shows and entertainment options that will surely tickle your fancy regardless of what your primary interests are. UK Breakaways offers a lot of different unique shows such as Concert Breaks, Comedy Breaks, London West End shows, and Theatre Breaks located all across the United Kingdom.

There are also a lot of different show categories for you to choose from such as: dance shows, air shows, flower shows, exhibitions, military shows, steam rolls, and much more. Some of the most popular shows include: Hairy Bikers, Jane McDonald, Lion King, Phantom of The Opera, Tina, Andre Rieu, Jimmy Carr, Strictly Come Dancing, RAF Air Tattoo, Thursford Christmas, Buckingham Palace, Chelsea Flower Show, and more.

As you can see, there are nearly an endless amount of opportunities for you to enjoy yourself while visiting the United Kingdom and all of the cities nearby. Regardless of what type of entertainment options you’re looking for, UK Breakaways has the right solution for you. Take the time to browse the site and view all of the various accommodation options available to you when booking a vacation or special getaway with UK Breakaways.

By taking the time to browse through the huge selection of vacation options available at UK Breakaways, you will be able to find the right getaway option for you in no time. Take all of this information that we’ve included in this article to help you locate the right vacation booking for you.