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121doc was started as in 2002 with a team of doctors and pharmacists in the UK. Main purpose was to make health care and medicines more convenient and easily accessible for people at home. 121doc is an extensive network that is helping patients with every kind of disease by providing medical help and medicines. Until 2005 the network expanded to more than seven countries across Europe and South America by building a competent, efficient and multilingual network.

Get medical consultation at home

Regulated healthcare providers are always available to help patients with a reliable advice and medical prescription. Patients from various countries receive medical advice at home. They can consult for personal advice and get next day delivery.

It is an extensive network that provides medical checkups from expert doctors and physicians. They might not meet face to face but their diagnosis, prescription and guidance is safe and accurate. Pharmacists working with 121doc are also highly experienced and competent. They dispatch right medicines which are prescribed by doctors. These medicines are dispatched on time every day so you can immediately start treatment without any delay.

You can become a part of the network from everywhere in the world. Simply log into the website, read about your disease and complete information about it. You can also read about the general medicines recommended for the disease with their complete information. Go to consult and prescribe if you need otherwise place order for medicines after submitting details of your disease.

24/7 help service is also available on the website if you want to ask question about anything. Team is professional, friendly and multilingual so anyone can easily interact with them.

Free consultation and prescription

First two steps of the treatment are totally free of cost. You can get consultation and prescription from your couch at home. It is completely free of hassle and money. Prescription is delivered next day and for more convenience, 121doc offers discounts on medicines.


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