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Alton Towers gives you an amazing experience when you visit Alton Towers hotel and resort. It is located in the United Kingdom and has everything you could dream of and more. Alton Towers has two themed hotels for those who wish to stay close to the theme park and make the most of the experience.

There are water parks to enjoy, as well as a lush 18-hole golf course. You can even enjoy the Enchanted Village with luxury treehouses. Located over 500 acres of Staffordshire countryside, Alton Towers is the place to book if you want a really entertaining getaway.

If you’re looking for the ultimate family vacation, why not use Alton Towers vouchers? Just another way to help you save money while you enjoy your next holiday.

Enjoy your holiday at a peaceful resort with amazing experiences

Alton Towers Resort is a peaceful place to visit with your family. They have a complete package of your stay with over 40 rides and attractions, where guests of all ages can have fun with their friends and family. Their 10 main rollercoasters are the stars of the show, each one of them has record-breaking elements designed to thrill and delight you if you are brave enough to the ride. They have 20 attractions dedicated for young children and families to enjoy more. This is the only place in the UK to meet some of the CBeebies' best-loved charters. To help their guests explore the entire resort, they have installed fun, fast ways to get around. Their Skyride enables you to travel between Towers Street, Forbidden Valley, and Fountain Square through a colorful cable car gondola. You can also check out other places at Alton Towers like Splash Landings Hotel, CBeebies Land Hotel, Alton Towers spa, etc. You can check their safety and security measures before booking, they have a number of hygiene and safety measures to make your visit safe and pleasurable at the same time.

Get Alton Towers Resort mobile app to enjoy your greatest escape to the fullest

Alton Towers Resort has an official mobile application that works as your tour guide to make your visit more wonderful before and during your visit. It has a brand new planner, queue times, and a detailed map with fabulous exclusive offers. You can plan your visit with the app more easily where you can buy the ticket for your favorite ride and can track the current waiting time for your chosen ride or attraction. You will never miss out on the ride or show by setting the reminder. The app will also tell you about the latest offers & discount offers for you to use around the resort during your visit.

Visit their site today and plan more fun around Alton Towers Resort in your coming vacation.

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Frequently asked questions about Alton Towers discount codes

Is it possible to use more than one discount code at once?

No, it is not possible to combine two or more discount codes when you purchase from Alton Towers. You might be thinking about getting more discounts by doing this, but there is no such thing as using more than one discount code. You are only eligible to use one Alton Towers discount code at a time.

What’s the easiest way to get hold of an Alton Towers discount code?

Well, there are basically two easiest ways to find discount codes for Alton Towers. The first way is, visit, then search for discount codes websites, then visit the website, collect the discount code and get the discount. The second easiest way is, visit the Alton Towers website and subscribe to the Alton Towers newsletter. They will send you emails regarding offers, Alton Towers deals, best deals, discount coupons, promotional code, etc.

Do Alton Towers promo codes usually work for the whole line of products in the store?

Most of the time, Alton Towers discount codes are available for the whole product line. But, sometimes there may be some exceptions. You may see the discount codes are available for some specific products sometimes. Generally, discount codes are not offered for already reduced-priced products. But, if Alton Towers wants, they may offer discount codes for reduced-priced products.

How much discount can I get with an Alton Towers discount code?

Discount code you get for Alton Towers, you can avail the discount at most 30%. The discount rate will vary from package to package. Alton Towers also offers a 1-day pass for Alton Towers Theme Park at £9. You can get a maximum of £24 discount if you do advance day pass bookings. So, check the discount rate before you purchase. Apart from that, Alton Towers may arrange discount campaigns, be alert for that.

Is it possible to swap my discount code for money?

You might be thinking of the possibility of swapping discount codes for money. But, in reality, it is not possible to swap Alton Towers discount codes for cash. You are only able to use Alton Towers discount codes on the Alton Towers online store when purchasing. Also, Alton Towers does not allow you to sell the discount codes to other users.

For how long is usually an Alton Towers discount code valid?

It is quite difficult to predict how long the Alton Towers discount code will remain valid. Because the longevity and validity of discount codes vary. Some Alton Towers discount codes may be valid for a single day, some may be valid for a week, some may be valid for a month or more. You can get a special discount from Alton Towers on special days like new year's eve, black friday, etc. So, keep visiting the Alton Towers website and know what Alton Towers offer. If you want to get more information about discount codes, read the terms and conditions of the discount codes. If you still do not find the information, contact the Alton Towers customer care center.

How much discount can I get on sale products and special Alton Towers offers at Alton Towers?

At Alton Towers, you can get 10% to 45% off from the regular price on special events.


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