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Claire Vero launched an amazing skincare products brand named Aurelia London in 2013. Ethically and sustainably sourced ingredients are combined with probiotic to manufacture these products. These combinations of ingredients with probiotics provide exceptional and transformational results. Usage of probiotics in skin care products is a revolutionary step whereas it has exceptionally amazing results.

Find the perfect product for your body and skin

It started with only skincare products whereas due to transformational results its product line is continuously growing. There are cleansers, masks, probiotic skincare routine kit, travel kits and a vegan skincare products line. For body care, Aurelia London offers serums, oils, deodorants, body care kit and many more. Mostly beauty brands offer products for adults whereas Aurelia has another product line called little Aurelia that contains a range for babies. There are baby care products and vegan baby care products.

You will also find a range of beauty kits for gifts. Christmas gifts pack containing various products, to fill the stocking and little Aurelia gift set. There are also budget friendly gifts range from which you can select a set of products according to your budget.

Try revolutionary products with transformational results

Generally, beauty products are classified according to the skin type or various issues of the skin. Products of Aurelia London are not designed for a specific type of skin or issue whereas they are made to be responsive to the skin requirement. Probiotics and natural ingredients gives amazing results. They add resistance for pollution, hormonal changes, seasonal conditions, aging and other factors.

Amelia London is designed for those people who don’t want to compromise on quality of product and want perfect skincare without using questionable and unwanted ingredients.

Essential oils are extracted from the finest ingredients which are perfect for aromatherapy and offer memorable moments of indulgence and mindfulness. Aurelia manufactures nature friendly and sustainable products which are not tested on animals. These products are designed carefully to remain mild and beneficial for very young skin and baby skin.

When to start using the products

Users of Amelia’s products vary in age group and skin types. There is a baby product line which is created with natural and vegan ingredients. Mostly people start using these skin friendly products in their twenties. Probiotic products for skin and body help to prevent skin issues, dehydration and early signs of aging. Amelia’s products are equally beneficial for mature skin by nurturing it and reducing the signs of aging, dehydration, pigmentation and other skin issues.


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