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Bug Bakes was created by Ross who studied insect proteins while studying at the University of Glasgow. He studied about the negative impacts of livestock farming on the planet. CEO and founder of bug bakes introduced eco-friendly food for dogs made from cold pressed sustainable insect protein by mixing them with vegetable and other beneficial herbs.

Become environment friendly

Many businesses are harmful for the planet and one of them is livestock. It also produces pet food. Insect farming instead of livestock provides same nutrition with a very low environmental impact. Pet lovers prefer products which are not only good for pets but for the planet as well.

Bug bakes was created to introduced dog treats made with insect protein that is very healthy and sustainable. It uses 2000x less water, 17x less deforestation and land requirement and almost 100x less emissions as compared to the livestock.

Fruits and vegetables are also added to the food to make it healthier and more beneficial for pet’s health. Packaging is also plant based without any plastics and bioplastics. It is fully compostable. You will also get a feeding plan for your dog.

100% authentic pet food

Bug bakes is a complete nutrition for your dog that is approved by vets and expert nutritionists. Hypoallergenic insect protein, full of prebiotics and soluble fibre is created in the form of pet food. Ingredients are pressed on low temperatures for a short time. Grain free recipes are packed with Omega 6 that is healthy for skin and glossy fur.

Cold pressing is not like baked food because it dissolves in water and prevents gastric boating. It also boosts digestibility and helps improve overall health.


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