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Christie’s Direct is one of the leading suppliers of dog grooming products and accessories in the world. They understand the need for maintaining the dog’s health by maintaining a good hygiene routine. That is why they have spent so many years in putting their best efforts to provide the best products for furry friends. Christie’s Direct was established in the year 1992. They have a wide range of grooming products. They stand behind each product they sell and guarantee for the positive outcomes. They have free delivery in Ireland and UK on orders above 100£. The company has won several awards for their achievements and their products have been awarded several times as well which makes them more tempting. They provide several deals and offers from dog food to the clipping and cleaning the dog. They provide a fast delivery service so that the customers do not have to wait a lot. The items ordered are dispatched either the same or the next day

One-stop-shop for your dog-grooming needs

Our furry little friends sometimes act as lifelines, and we cannot ever stop admiring and adoring them. Dogs are said to be a human’s best friend for good reasons. Christie’s Direct understands a pet owner’s worries and has come up with exclusive products for your beloved pet or pets! Now you can rest assured that your four-legged friend’s needs and necessities are readily available at a moment’s notice. They provide quality and genuine pet-care products, so now you can have peace of mind by ensuring that your precious fuzzy companion is well taken care of.

Complete dog-care guidance

Christie’s Direct was established in the year 1992, and ever since then, they have been the frontrunners in the dog-care business. Their customers speak highly of them, as evident from their countless grateful customer reviews. They guarantee their product’s usefulness and quality and ensure that the buyer is receiving only the best in class dog-care and dog-grooming necessities. If you are an avid dog-lover, Christie’s Direct promises to deliver outstanding and innovative solutions for your beloved pet’s every need. They specialize in dog food, dog shampoo, flea and tick remover, dog belts and harnesses, dog nail clippers, etc. Their long list of dog-care accessories is bound to catch any dog lover’s attention.

Impressive Achievements & Efficient delivery

Christie’s Directs has not only amasses a considerable customer following but also has been able to woo critics. They have managed to win several awards for their achievements in the dog-care business, and additionally, their products have also been awarded due to their ingenuity and authenticity. Also, they provide free shipping across the UK for orders over 100£. They are experts at delivering their products on time and can even guarantee same-day delivery in select areas. You can take a sigh of relief if you are almost out of dog-food as Christie’s Directs ensures same-day dispatch and efficient delivery.

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