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There are several reasons why you might need the best bird food. The first reason is that you want to ensure that you're providing your birds with the best possible diet. The second reason is that you want to make sure that your birds are healthy and happy. Finally, the third reason is that you want to make sure that you're helping to support the conservation of wild birds.

CJ WildBird Foods Ltd was founded in 1987 on a farm in rural Shropshire, England, by Chris Whittles, a lifelong ornithologist and wildlife enthusiast. CJ Wildlife has been instrumental in the growth of the bird food market. Thanks to extensive research and a food development program by their ornithologists, the range of wild bird food available have significantly increased over the years. Over 80 common species of wild birds are now being fed in gardens compared to just 18 when they started our research in 1987.

CJs has grown and developed over the years, and now they have a range of bird foods with something to suit every garden, from their world-renowned premium quality wild bird mixes that include carefully selected seeds and grains mixed with dried fruit, nyjer seed (also called thistle seed), fat balls and suet pellets.

While feeding birds is a prevalent pastime in Britain, it doesn't seem to be as prevalent in other parts of Europe – even though many people share the same motives for feeding birds. At CJ Wildlife, they recognize how important it is to support this hobby by providing high-quality bird food at affordable prices using only top-grade ingredients and manufacturing processes. Makes them one of the leading producers in the wild bird food market.

CJ Wildlife has a range of feeds for birds that visit your garden to eat, including mixes containing sunflower hearts and nyjer seed (also known as thistle seed), fat balls, and suet pellets, taking into account the different requirements of different species of bird.

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