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Chocolate is one of life's great pleasures. To be eating chocolate after a fulfilling meal with a cup of tea is pure bliss. and the beauty of chocolate is that there is a bevy of selections to choose from. Milk, Swiss, Dark, American (even though we're not big fans of American chocolate). One of the rather underrated chocolates is vegan chocolate; in particular, raw vegan chocolate. It is not for everyone, but those who can appreciate it know how good it is.

If you're such a cultured person and are situated in the UK, you will thank us for introducing you to Conscious Chocolate. In case you were unaware, Conscious Chocolate is the original "raw vegan" chocolate. It was created in the UK in 2004 and has been enjoyed all around the world since.

Conscious Chocolate is a very fitting name, as they are aware of the effect of humans on the environment, and they are constantly looking to reduce their effect. They are of course vegan, and also use biodegradable packaging and source their ingredients from eco-friendly sources. They do, for all intents and purposes, produce Conscious Chocolate. because it is not just for people that love pure raw, vegan delight; it's for people that care about the environment and want to support businesses that mirror their concerns.

All products are handmade, ranging from a bevy of light snacks to proper chocolate bars. Not only this but you can pick out the perfect gift for a loved one as they provide gift services as well.


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