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Eurail Pass was previously known as ‘Europe Pass’. Pass holders can travel through the Eurail Pass up to 28 countries and other railroads in Europe and some shipping lines. Eurail Pass came into action in 1959. Eurail Pass came into action that comes with a motto of an all-in-one ticket of the trains. Eurail pass is available on the website of the company. The best part is that Eurail Pass is allotted to the non-Europeans whereas the Europeans travel with an Interrail Pass. Eurail pass helps to save a lot of money from museums to the ferries. Eurail helps with insurance, accommodation, and activity planning. People younger than 27 years can save up to 20% on their pass.

Plan Your Trip with Eurail Pass

Europe tour is never exciting if you don’t have a Eurail Pass. Eurail offers a convenient way for Europe travellers to travel easily. There are several passes to choose from when touring Europe.

You can select different passes according to your needs. These include global, regional, and single country passes. The passes come with special promo codes, making it easy for you to find your train at an affordable cost.

How Eurail Passes Work

Depending on your needs and how long you’ll be staying, the passes work in a variety of ways. Here is a breakdown for you.

Get a global pass to use the rail networks for up to 31 different countries. If you prefer to stay in one Europe country, One-Country pass makes a great choice. The passes are also divided into different components depending on age. There are child passes, youth passes, adult passes, and senior passes.

You also need to choose a pass, depending on the duration of your stay. Choose for ten days, within a month, 15 days within two months and 22 days within three months. You can also go for first-class passes for more comfort or second class for affordability. Get the exact Eurail Pass that works for your situation and unlock great deals.

Eurail Saving Tips

  • Save on phone calls using Eurail Roaming. This allows you to buy a SIM card for your stay and make phone calls at affordable costs abroad.
  • If you’re a Eurail user, get affordable travel insurance and save on the unexpected costs
  • Browse suggested Itineraries section to find places to visit and things to see


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