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Fiit is the #1 rated fitness app with a lot of training programs and classes for all the fitness freaks looking for some inspiration and motivation without leaving home. Fiit was founded in 2017 by three friends, their vision was to make the world’s best fitness training programs and classes accessible to everyone.

Start your indoor fitness journey and feel good at home

Fiit is serving people in their fitness journey either you want to lose some extra pounds or you are an experienced athlete and want to stay fit with a proper guide, you can join any of your favorite training plans on Fiit website and can start today without any further delay.

Fiit has the most in-demand trainers for all types of classes, whether it’s cardio, strength, or rebalance class, they are experts to make you feel good in your fitness journey.

Rethink your potential and start your fitness game

Exercising and fitness training are no more daunting with Fiit. Fiit has a number of training plans such as Total Burn, Super Fiit, feel good with Fearne, low impact 360, push-pull series, outlast pro series, and much more from which you can choose according to your fitness requirements and level.

Fitness classes include cardio, strength, and rebalance classes. Cardio classes are the best way to burn fat, tone muscle, and build stamina. You can see your daily stats, track your progress, and can schedule group classes with your friends to make it more enjoyable.

Enjoy an affordable gym experience at your home

Fiit’s yearly plan is the best plan for you if you are looking for long-term gains, the price of the yearly plan is £10/MONTH and you will pay £120 every 12 months. The monthly plan is flexible if you want to take fitness classes just for few months to get your desired results, the price of the monthly plan is £20/MONTH and you will pay £20 for the month only you are exercising in.

To start your fitness journey with Fiit, you just need a 2x2m space and your smartphone, a fitness mat and you are good to go, there are plenty of classes and plans without any special gym equipment.

Let’s get into it and start your free trial today!


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