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Foodhub is a trailblazing online food delivery service. Founded less than four years back, it is already taking the online takeaway market in the UK by storm. Their success lies in their zero commission business model, taking the portal to spread its wings overseas, including Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and the USA.

A Model That Got It Made

Foodhub, founded in 2017 by two Stoke-on-Trent school friends, Mohammed Shakil and Adrian Mula, is now the third-largest food aggregator platform with more than 20,000 restaurant partners in the UK.

What makes Foodhub stand ahead of its competitors- is it their service, cheap delivery fee or perhaps an easy-peasy ordering process? It includes all of them plus a ground-breaking strategy. If you are unaware, most online food delivery platforms charge a commission fee from restaurants for every order they make. It forces restaurants to increase their prices to compensate for the service charges. This thing, in turn, is not a good deal for the customers, especially if you are a frequent buyer. Surely not going to be easy on your wallet, right? Well, Foodhub has found a way to ease this situation.

Foodhub charges restaurants a monthly fee, free of other charges. So restaurants find no need to push their prices and offer discounts at regular intervals. It’s a win-win situation for both the restaurant owners and customers.

It’s Your Turn To Make Big Savings

Foodhub lets you enjoy your favourite food without counting pennies. You could save up to 15% on your bills compared to other food delivery portals, even if you ordered the same meal from the same takeaway. Moreover, you can count on their food hygiene as they assure to remove restaurants that have poor hygiene ratings.

Unlike their rivals, Foodhub offers food at discounted rates and has no service fee. Combined with the exclusive discounts, you can get the best rates with Foodhub. You can enjoy support local restaurants and enjoy the food you'd never tasted before.

Foodhub boasts a vast network of restaurants providing different food varieties under their umbrella. You can try new restaurants you never knew existed with their delivery model. Order online from their free app and enjoy delicious food.

Restaurants with Foodhub also follow COVID-19 protocols and do contact-free delivery. Your delivery driver will leave your food at a safe place and maintain a 2M distance while you collect it.

Make Family Time Enjoyable with Foodhub

If the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us something, it is to take time off and enjoy ourselves. Many people feel like they live on the treadmill, especially working parents. Between school runs, family commitments and work schedules, there's not much time left for themselves.

Or sometimes, things get even more complicated. It may seem like nothing in your list gets done. You need more time to prioritise your work and get everything in order. While cooking from scratch is fun and enjoyable, it is not always the same. You are tired and hungry- but want to have a relaxed dinner for the family without having to prepare it.

Sometimes a little break is necessary. Why not do takeout nights every week? You don't even have to go shopping or spend hours prepping - Make your night simpler by ordering food on Foodhub. It's great to spend some relaxed and enjoyable family time. So dedicate one night each week to wholesome food, board games and film.

Be it Japanese food or Italian food or Chinese food, or Indian cuisine, Food hub has it all. Order online on their website or via the app. Download the foodhub app from the Apple app store or google play. You also get exclusive discounts for ordering via the Foodhub app.

Treat Yourself to Sweet Treats

Food hub has a vast selection of eateries, from your favourite restaurants to pubs and pizzerias. If you fancy something sweet, there's always the bakeries. In addition, Food hub also delivers your favourite food from cafes, ice cream shops, and more. From a steaming cup of coffee to a delicious donut, or a mouthwatering ice cream sundae, Food Hub delivers your sweet treats from hundreds of local businesses.

Foodhub made ordering easy with its app and website. Go to the Food Hub website and enter your postcode. And you have plenty of restaurants, shops and takeaway options. Pay online, and the meal arrives immediately. Dessert can be served any day and at any time.

Save Money with Foodhub

Next time you order food, try food hub for its exclusive offers and extra savings. Foodhub customers save up to 15% more money than other online food delivery services. That's because they have exclusive partnerships with the restaurants and do not charge per order.

Here are some tips to help save money when shopping at the Food hub.

Welcome Discount

Ordering your food is easy with Foodhub. You have multiple options to order food between the app and the website. To make it attractive, new customers receive a Foodhub discount code for 20% off on their first Foodhub order.

Download the Foodhub App

Download the Foodhub app and have hundreds of restaurants at your fingertips. With the free app, Foodhub customers can place quick food orders with minimal effort. Customers also enjoy numerous benefits such as exclusive discounts or even free meals.

Foodhub Seasonal Sales

Foodhub has seasonal sales and deals for its existing customers. With the Foodhub voucher code, you can save up to 10% during the Easter holidays. You can save even more during the Christmas and Newyear holidays. In addition, you can also enjoy a £5 discount on delivery costs.

Furthermore, Food hub also has a Black Friday contest on Facebook. Winners get vouchers, including discount codes and free delivery on selected meals.

Individual restaurants may also offer Foodhub discounts during Black Friday. You can find the voucher codes on the Foodhub website. Or visit us for Foodhub promo codes. Our experts keep this space updated with the latest deals and Foodhub discounts.

Foodhub Valentine's Day sale

You do not require Foodhub voucher codes to enjoy discounts on Valentine's day. Most restaurants offer meal deals and discounts on your favourite dishes.

In addition, Food hub hosts an event on Valentine's day. Winners receive vouchers worth £15, which they can redeem for dinner.

Social Media Giveaways

Follow Food hub on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube. Do not miss out on Foodhub discount codes and coupons. In addition, Food Hub also conducts giveaways with gift cards and vouchers as prizes.

Food hub also hosts weekly competitions on Facebook. Followers get an opportunity to win a £115 voucher for an expensive meal. Participants also win incredible prizes each month, including electronics- and Foodhub vouchers valued at £55.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if my Foodhub promo code doesn't work?

Your Foodhub promo code should work without any issues. If it doesn't work, check the expiration dates to confirm that the code hasn't changed.

Also, verify for any typo since any mistake can invalidate the coupon. It is better if you copy and paste the FoodHub discount code.

Ensure that your Foodhub voucher code mates the food item. Every foodhub voucher has a requirement like minimum order value. Make sure that your order complies with the voucher requirement.

Does Foodhub offer a sale?

Foodhub hosts multiple restaurants and takeaways on its app. It sells a wide variety of foods from these restaurants. However, it is up to the restaurants to set the bargain. Some offer a discount on their products while others offer free delivery.

Foodhub doesn't offer any sales or clearances. However, it provides discount codes for new customers and during seasonal sales.

Is there a Foodhub sign-up offer I can get?

Foodhub doesn't offer any sign-up offer on registering for their newsletter. However, with the newsletter, you can find the best upcoming restaurants in the area and get updates about current offers.

Can I get free delivery at Foodhub?

Yes! You can get free delivery at Foodhub. However, it depends on the restaurants and not Foodhub. Even if you have a delivery fee, it is very cheap, unlike other food delivery services. Moreover, you can also look for a Foodhub free delivery code here. Our experts keep this page updated with all the current deals and voucher codes.

Is there any limit to the saving I can have with Foodhub discount codes?

Yes! It is common for companies like Food Hub to cap the savings you can obtain via discount codes. For example, few Foodhub vouchers limit the voucher savings to £5.

Can I get a Foodhub student discount?

Foodhub offers student discount with TOTUM memberships. Students get a 20% discount off on their first order. Apart from that, you can also enjoy a £3 discount on your Foodhub order worth £9 or more.


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