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FOREO is a wildly creative Swedish beauty-tech brand created to provide every beauty lover in the world with products that work. Imagine that. So, if you’re the type to celebrate INTEGRITY in humans, businesses, and technology (and you’re into beautifying peoples’ lives), FOREO might be the place for you. FOREO is pretty much the opposite of your standard, blasé, cookie-cutter beauty company. Their very first product, LUNA, was so unique and extraordinary they were forced to invent a whole new beauty sub-category just for us—beauty-tech.

FOREO is committed to three main principles: INTEGRITY, QUALITY, and INNOVATION. They are continually redefining the limits of beauty tech with every product they create. This simple philosophy drives product development: If it doesn’t have to be in your bathroom, why would you want it?

FOREO products aren’t just about beautifying people’s lives—they’re about changing them for the better. By offering more resources than ever before, FOREO is empowering its customers with the knowledge that will allow them to look after themselves from the inside out. The company also provides a community where users can share their thoughts on makeup, skincare routines, or anything else related to beauty. People are encouraged to inspire, empower and learn from one another.

FOREO has been committed to product innovation since day one. FOREO’s first product LUNA™ was so unique and extraordinary they were forced to invent a whole new beauty sub-category just for us—Beauty-tech. Since then, FOREO has developed a wide range of products featuring ground-breaking technology that has transformed cleansing routines worldwide. Their latest advancement is their brand new laser hair removal device called LUNA Mini 2 . This device is the only FDA-cleared at-home solution available right now for both hair and skin rejuvenation treatments.

FOREO has created its community of like-minded people dedicated to advancing beauty. The FOREO community consists of users, ambassadors, and influencers that share their thoughts on makeup, skincare routines, or anything related to beauty. Whether you’re looking for tips or seeking inspiration from other like-minded individuals, the FOREO community is a great resource.

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