Graze discount code 2022

Graze gives out the best food option with the healthiest snacks and without compromising on the taste. Their belief in healthy living isn't just about our snacks, it means looking after the people and the planet. You can discover new flavors and enjoy healthier choices regularly, with personalized graze boxes delivered to your door. Graze gives you a lot of options in terms of taste, variety, types of food, and also unbeatable prices. They offer both health and convenience at your doorstep. Use our Graze discount codes to get the best deals.

Student Discount

You can avail of the student discount in which you can get 1st box free + 15% off future snack boxes at graze. You just have to verify your student status at Student beans. If you are already an active graze user or have ordered from graze in the past, simply verify your student status and get in touch with their awesome customer service team. For instant access to this discount simply register and verify your student status with Student Beans.

Buy for your Office Team

Graze has created an easy way for you to send boxes of delicious and exciting snacks to your work team, straight to their home or workplace. Send your team, Graz food boxes packed with their most popular wholesome, taste bud-tingling snacks.

Wholesome snacks

Graze is always on the hunt for healthier, chewier, nuttier, crunchier, and better-tasting food. Whether you've got a sweet tooth or a soft spot for savory treats, with graze there's always something fresh and exciting to discover.

Nutritionally balanced

Graze works with brilliant nutritionists to make sure that their snacks are carefully balanced. At least 50% of their snack range is below 150 kcals.

You canorder the number of boxes you would like to send to your team and they will send you a unique code that you can share with your team. Everyone can use the code once to choose from 9 exciting boxes that we will pop in their inbox.

It allows you to quickly and easily buy the whole team a box from graze. You don’t have to choose the same box, everyone can choose on their own and the place of delivery. Vegan options are also available with Graze.

Discounts and Free Boxes

There are a few ways to get a free graze box. Look out for special promotional codes on all of their ads, perfect for new customers wanting to give graze a try. If you are already a loyal customer of Graze, keep an eye out for exclusive discounts and deals in your inbox, and follow them on social media for the chance to win free graze snacks.


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