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Music is special. That is an irrefutable fact. Just ask any person that truly loves music. It's a medium of storytelling unlike any other. No matter what you feel like, there is a song that mirrors your mood. And although we all love blasting music on some great speakers, the fact of the matter is that nothing compares to the experience of listening to music on an elite pair of headphones. The intricacies of the production can only be appreciated fully through headphones.

Headphones are especially important when you want to listen to music on the go. And we're not talking about wired headphones; they're a relic of the past. Wireless headphones are the new wave, and Jaybird is riding that wave high.

Jaybird produces state-of-the-art wireless earbuds. Jaybird makes headphones for people that can appreciate and can channel music in their daily lives. They have been making elite audio equipment since 2006, and there's a reason they're still here. It's because they're good at what they do. The Vista, Vista 2, and Tarah are their only products. that's because Jaybird believes in quality over quantity. And it'll only take one listen of your favorite song in a pair of Jaybird earbuds for you to realize that.

Jimmy Butler is an NBA All-Star. Jimmy is known for his charisma, hunger for the game, and loving country music. For athletes like Jimmy, headphones need to be not only high quality but also very durable. And Jimmy Butler, Kelly O' Hara, and Kate Courtney are all Jaybird athletes.


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