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Katebackdrop is the leading UK-based provider of high-quality, elaborately beautiful backdrops for personal and professional photography. They offer high-quality backdrops, to perfect your photography, and decorate your memories. Stories behind each photo matter to them and Kate is involved in them. David is the founder of Katebackdrop.

Katebackdrop – An origin to create user-friendly and unique backdrops

The idea of starting Katebackdrop came into David’s mind when he got into foreign trade and cross-border online shopping after his graduation in 2007. He also loves photography and he often purchased photographic apparatus and accessories from overseas shopping websites.

During that period, he realized that the backdrop is a good and essential photographic equipment for taking good and memorable photographs. Then he analyzed and investigated that there are very few backdrop providers which are user-friendly and cost-effective. And then he decided to create some extraordinary, beautiful, and unique backdrops in the market.

Enhance the beauty of your photographs with Katebackdrop

Backdrops play a very vital role in your personal and professional photography. You can clearly determine the difference between a great photo using the backdrop and a disappointing one without using a backdrop. They help to make your photos memorable and that is the vision of Katebackdrop, to make your photographic experience memorable. These backdrops will add dimension and depth to your photos. Some of the popular backdrops used in photography include; painted canvas, paper backdrops, muslin backdrops, textural backdrops, etc.

Get all types of backdrops at Katebackdrop

Backdrops at Katebackdrops include a wide variety of backdrops to match your style and taste. There are Printed Backdrops, Abstract Textured Backdrops, Flower Backdrops, Solid Color Backdrops, Door&Window Backdrops, Brick Backdrops, Wood Backdrops, Jungle/Forest Backdrops, Bokeh Backdrops, and many more.

Theme Backdrops include Boho Macrame, Boudoir Bedboard Backdrops, Sport backdrops, Kitchen Backdrops, Beach & Sea, Newborn, Family Backdrops, Galaxy Series Backdrops, Stage Backdrops, Baby Shower Backgrounds, Wedding Photobooth, and Red Carpet Backdrops. There is also a beautiful range of Festival Backdrops including Valentine's Day Backdrops, Easter Backdrops, St. Patrick's Day Backdrops, Back to School Backdrops, New Year Backdrops, Father's Day & Mother's Day, Halloween Backdrops, and Christmas backdrops. There are also Season Backdrops of Winter Snow, summer, and Autumn.

Take your time to visit their website and have a look at Kate’s stunning backdrops.


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