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Lavender World is a close family business and is currently the second generation running this business. They are based on their natural lavender farm in the North Yorkshire countryside and a dedicated brother and sister Sam and Emma run Lavender World. The business now has grown up out of Yorkshire Lavender, it is the popular local attraction set up by their father.

They provide Lavender in different forms such as dried Lavender, Lavender plants, Lavender oil, home and garden accessories, bath and beauty products, and flowers. They understand the importance of quality, sustainability, and environmental awareness in creating all their products and accessories. All their products are 100% natural, and tried and tested as well.

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Lavender with its sweet floral scent which is considered a holy herb in ancient times. You can use Lavender in a variety of ways, such as you can give a light scent to clothes and hair. It also gives relief to headaches; you can buy rollerballs at their website. Their sleep & relaxation kit is for you if you need a good sleep because Lavender aromatherapy is proven for improving sleep, quality, and duration in especially elderly population or those who have sleep problems.

You can buy dried Lavender that is harvested and dried with care from highly fragrant Intermedia Lavender. Dried Lavender retains and actually increases in aroma, and efficacy and can be used for many purposes such as for potpourri, lavender bags, wedding favors, or can be used as a sleep aid.

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You can also grow lavender flowers if you love gardening, there is a variety of Lavender plants, flowers and garden tools, planters, and accessories. This is a true world of Lavender which is running under two passionate family members. They provide a safe and secure shopping of their Lavender products and at your convenience. You don’t need to rush toward a herbal store to buy Lavender products, just order them online and your product will be at your doorstep. They are very affordable in terms of prices and also offer sales and discounts on various products from time to time which you have to check whenever you visit their website. You can sign up for newsletter for exclusive offers, original stories, activism awareness, events, and more. You can also join them through email to get 10% off on your first order. Take your time to browse their website and buy your favorite Lavender product!


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