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Living DNA is a prominent personalized genomics company that focuses on using DNA testing to help people change their life. The most well-known and one of the "earliest" personal genetics companies, founded in 2004 and recognized as a separate brand in 2016, provides quick and inexpensive direct to genetic material. Depending on experience, their group of experts picks the most relevant genetic markers for each condition. The Living DNA product will go much farther, promising to provide all of your DNA medical reports to your device. The price covers test results as well as genetic counseling to help you understand what they signify for your health.

Living DNA products

The distance between individuals and countries is at an all-time high. Despite the fact that our health-care systems are on the verge of collapse, 80 percent of illness and disease is avoidable and lifestyle-related. This is critical because the more we understand our particular genes and illness risk, the easier it will be to make lifestyle choices that reduce or postpone the development of certain diseases. That is something Living DNA believes in.

Consumers now have privy to genetic testing including their own genome sequencing data. Living DNA consumers may discover more about their ancestors by ordering tests from their doctor, and the cost has decreased substantially.

Its products include two kits named ancestry and wellbeing kit, two DNA testing named nutrition and fitness. Their ancestry kit includes Irish, European African, and British ancestry. You can order these kits online.

AI Technology made your life easy

Living DNA attempts to decrease life reimbursements by aiding individuals in living longer than expected. They bring the actuary's function in your business into the twenty-first century with cutting-edge genetic analysis, AI capabilities, and a customized preventative care program. They offer to enhance client retention and reduce the number of claims in the short and long term as an auxiliary company to life insurance companies.

Living DNA has developed a system that offers life insurance clients genetically based medical advice that is personalized particularly for them while ensuring that no personal information is revealed due to their regulatory firewall.

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