Love Health Hate Waste discount code 2022

Have you ever wondered what happens to your favourite health items once they pass their Best Before date? Normally, they are thrown away — millions of tonnes every year, straight into landfills.

The unfortunate thing is that items that have passed their Best Before and not their Use By dates are completely safe and effective for many months, if not years, after expiration dates. Millions of tonnes of perfectly edible, healthy, and useful food, drink, and supplements are thrown out in the United Kingdom every year.

To prevent healthy foods and supplements from going to waste, Love Health Hate Waste buys Best Before expired goods from some of the UK's largest wholesalers and health companies (who may otherwise throw them waste). What I enjoy about this shop is that it sells things for up to 90% less than their regular retail price.

Love Health Hate Waste is a fantastic site to acquire organic and healthier foods and drinks, vitamins and supplements, tea and coffee, home and beauty goods, and a variety of other interesting items at a great price (due to the short expiration date).

They also feature a £30.00 Mystery Box of Mixed Health Foods, Drinks, and Natural Beauty/Household goods worth £100.00.

The company saves a lot of money, just as it claims. I appreciate the occasional promotional reductions, but who doesn't? So, if you want to protect the environment while also saving money, I strongly recommend you to give Love Health Hate Waste a try.

You can order them through their website, and they will deliver them quickly and in good condition.


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