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Known rather well throughout the world, Lovedrobe is famous for being the world’s biggest plus-size exclusive brand. The vision behind this approach is simple: most of the fashion in the world is reserved for women who look a certain way. Lovedrobe believes fashion doesn’t belong to a specific set of people, and looks to provide people that don’t fit the status quo definition of fashion worthy with clothes that allow them to own their bodies and make them look fabulous, all at the same time.

Lovedrobe cares about the environment as much as it does about the people that it makes products for. To that end, Lovedrobe has launched the ‘Anaya With Love’ Collection, an entire catalogue of clothes made from recycled materials. The amount of waste and ecological damage that occurs in the process of manufacturing clothes is well documented. As such, Lovedrobe seeks to lessen its impact on the environment, and the ‘Anaya With Love’ collection is a clear sign of that intention.

The Maya Deluxe collection consists of a series of gorgeous, romantic, and stunning dresses that allow you to feel empowered by your clothes, all the while being ridiculously low priced.

Lovedrobe also has an extensive collection of dresses for all occasions. Whether you are in need of a lace dress, a maxi dress, or just a dress to kick it like Tony Hawk and skate in (yes, they have that), Lovedrobe has something for every occasion and every customer.


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