Maison and White discount code 2022

When it comes to decorating your home with a variety of products that not only are practical in use but are also perfect for adding some personality and upping the aesthetics of your home, the apex of all such brands is Maison and White.

Maison and White provide the perfect blend of traditional and modern styles to ensure that any product you buy from them fits in perfectly to whatever your aesthetic vision is.

They have a bevy of products ranging from home and kitchen to garden products. All of their products are both practical and extremely good-looking.

Also, not only are the products durable, beautiful, and very useful, they are available at some of the most competitive rates on the market. Comparatively, most such products are not only easily a couple of times more expensive than the ones available at Maison and White, no website offers the multitude of products they do at the same place.

Now, how much better can this website and its services get? Well, Maison and White are a company that believes in their products. And to show this, they offer a two-year warranty on all of their products, no matter where you may have gotten them from. If you have a Maison and White product that you bought within two years and don't have a warranty on it, simply head over to their website to claim the warranty.

They offer decor and appliances for everything from bathrooms to offices, outdoors, kitchen, gardens. In short, Maison and White is your one-stop shop for all decor and appliances.


Company information:

Rank High AB 559047-8144
Lergöksgatan 12
262 33 Ängelholm
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