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McAlister Textiles sells the most stylish fabrics and products in line with the latest trends. Every single one of their designs is exclusive and originated by their team of expert designers. They have the highest quality finish because they do not mass produce and each product is produced to order.

They have a great variety of curtains, cushion covers, and even doorstops. They are one of the leading stores of home décor, delivering all across the UK. They offer synchronized collections at tailored sizes to suit you, as well as made to measure window treatments for ready-made prices. McAlister Textiles not only offer unique designs but also Expert customer service, one of the best bespoke product service and the best prices in the industry.

Tailor-Made Services

McAlister Textiles has a simple concept of producing a lifestyle look for you. You just have to choose the fabric or the product and they will create the most beautiful products from that fabric. You can choose to create whatever you desire including curtains, blinds, cushions (to any size), throws, doorstops, draught excluders, and much more. All of their elite collections have been designed to sit together or stand-alone. It means all their products have to be coordinated to create the best look for your home, whether you want a modernistic look or a homey feeling to the décor.

No ready-mades are sold here

McAlister Textiles don’t sell ready-mades because their products especially curtains are custom-made exactly to your required measurements. They only use 100% cotton in their standard curtain linings. They can offer the best prices in the industry with the best quality and customer-made requirements because there are no middlemen involved. They start from the production of the fabric through to the finished goods. The company offers a refund if you are unhappy with you purchase but does not offer this option for curtains and blinds.

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Price Promise

McAlister Textiles claim that you won't find the same product cheaper anywhere else. If you do, McAlister Textiles will always price-match, even after purchase. McAlister Textiles gives you the best prices at the highest quality guaranteed. You can use the discount codes from our website to get even more discounts and save much more on your wallet.


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