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Mindful Chef is a food store that provides a range of healthy recipes with healthy ingredients. It was started in 2015 with the passion of three friends Myles, Giles, & Rob. They were extremely passionate about delivering high-quality food and recipes to the national level and they made it possible. They started with a team of three friends and now they are 16 team members and delivers tens of thousands of meals across the UK every week.

Mindful Chef – Your perfect meal friend with a variety of fresh and healthy meals

You should never believe in meticulous calorie counting or strict diet plans to be fit and healthy. At Mindful Chef, they deliver you incredible tasting with ethically-sourced ingredients that are beneficial for you and your body. Processed foods, cheap fillers with unknown and hidden ingredients are not good for your health and they keep your health at higher preference. Therefore, they load their recipe boxes with fully fresh products that will make you feel best inside out.

Every amazing and delicious dish starts with fresh and amazing ingredients and they proved themselves as the best supplier of fresh food and recipe boxes across the country. Farmison is the UK’s “Butcher of the Year”, Mindful Chef takes 100% grass-fed heritage beef from Farmison and poultry comes from Traditional Norfolk Poultry. Fish is taken from James Knight of Mayfair and Buckingham Palace that are never frozen or air-freighted. You can buy a variety of frozen meals, smoothies, Recipe Boxes, and gift vouchers.

Mindful Chef is healthy, responsible, and aware of their actions towards your health

At Mindful Chef, you can find all the healthy recipes on daily basis and they will have a visible difference in your health that you can feel. You can have clearer skin, more energy for your daily errands, more focus, and feeling leaner with good health. They are always responsible and aware of your health needs and they deliver all the meals, recipes, and smoothies with needed nutrition and other health essentials. Their meals are 100% Gluten-free. They also have 30-minute recipes that are easy to follow even for those who don’t have expertise in cooking. They provide pre-portioned ingredients where you don’t need to use measuring cups and spoons to make it. They have three different sizes for one person, for two or for 4 person boxes and recipes in everything they provide. You can choose your desired box size according to your family and can try any of their recipe boxes every week. Their meals have low carbs and 100% dairy-free. They have a vegan option every week.

Buy form Mindful Chef to treat yourself to a delicious meal without compromising on your stomach

Fasting and crash dieting can be stressful for your mind and body and you want to celebrate your day without compromising on your health, you can have all the nutritious and flavoursome meals at Mindful Chef. They have discounts and offers on most of their meals which you can enjoy if you check their site regularly. Visit their site to see all the meals, smoothies, and recipe boxes to treat yourself to a healthy and good-looking meal!


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