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Football is the greatest sport in the world. And the beauty of football is, you do not need a whole set of equipment to play it. All you need is a football. And there is no better place to get your footballs than Mitre.

Hyperseam Technology

Mitre has revolutionized football once again! Hyperseam technology is the most innovative technology in the game, delivering the benefits of both a stitched and bonded ball. Hyperseam footballs are played at the height of professional football - with the Delta Hyperseam used throughout the EFL, EFL Cup, SPFL, and Suzuki Cup. But it's also available for grassroots players!


Unique textured pimple surface is engineered to deliver a pure in-flight path, straight into the top corner! Embossed grooves provide up to 400% more stability at speeds of 30-45mph vs a rivaled flat panel construction. Airflow is manipulated around the football, reducing drag and turbulence.

Aircell Technology

Aircell technology is the next generation of protection. Specifically designed to be ultra-lightweight, with the innovative airflow system - supporting ventilation and improving performance.

Intelligent Compression

The newest innovation in base layers has landed. Mitre's intelligent compression is designed to reduce muscle fatigue during exercise, reducing the build-up of lactic acid and increasing your recovery time after intense game situations. Our garments are enhanced to help you perform at your peak, for longer.

Pro Fabric Technology

Quality, style, and performance rank at the top of must-haves when we design our clothing ranges. That's why we've teamed up with leading designers and brands from around the world to deliver ProFlow and ProShield performance fabric.


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