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Inspired by fashion, style, and enjoying the little things in life, Nails INC is a company that constantly innovates and challenges the ways in which women can style their nails to look prettier and more distinctive; in a sense, allowing them to embody their inner selves and wear their creativity on the tips of their fingers for the whole world to see.

Don’t let the name trick you into thinking this a nails exclusive affair; Nails INC has a variety of self-care products, all of which embody the aforementioned spirits of being stylistic, fashionable, and emphasizing finding joy in things we otherwise take for granted.

They are renowned for their variety of elite nail products, including nail polishes in an absurd variety of colors, unique color-changing nail polishes, nail treatments, and extremely effective nail polish remover and top-of-the-line nail tools.

They have masks for hands, feet, face, and even entire body masks, as well as alcohol-based hand gels and sprays, and even a limited but high-quality skincare catalogue, all to ensure Nails INC women can care for their entire body, not just their nails.

Of course, no women’s self-care collection is complete without an empowering set of makeup. Including innovative products like the ‘Lip, Cheek, and Eye Stint Tick, as well as regular products but with the signature Nails INC twist on them, it caps off Nails INC as women’s number one destination for all things self-care.


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Rank High AB 559047-8144
Lergöksgatan 12
262 33 Ängelholm
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