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Today, humans can ship products that they make in one part of the world to an entirely different part of the world. They can ship thousands of products millions of miles away from them in a matter of hours.

Organizations that produce in one country run their main operation in an entirely different one, just to minimize cost and maximize sales. Indeed, human technology and ingenuity have progressed far beyond what the contemporary man could've fathomed even thirty years ago.

But alas, all this innovation comes at a cost: the environment. The seemingly endless resources that are available on this planet, ready to be used by human beings for their benefit and progression, are not so endless as we may have originally foreseen.

As such, human beings are at a crossroad as civilizations and as a species; whether to preserve and try to fix some of the damage we have caused to mother nature, or whether to continue the destruction of the planet and leave it upon the shoulders of future generations to handle.

The people at Priory Direct have chosen their side, and it is the side of the planet. Priory Direct deals in sustainable, recyclable packaging to ensure that the waste from the multi-billion-dollar corporations shipping products to customers worldwide can be lessened, one recyclable cardboard box at a time.  From polythene packaging to cardboard envelopes and bubble-lined bags, Priory Direct understands they can't fix the environment by themselves. But they're taking a step. And that's what matters.


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