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Protyre is a trading company in the industry of Tyres and servicing. It was founded in the year 1972. They specialize in fixing and fast fitting of tyres, brakes, clutches, betteries, exhausts etc. It is a part of Micheldever Tyre & Auto Services Limited, They have around 148 branches in the United Kingdom. They also specialized in MOT testing and air-conditioning. The company was founded by Tony Todd in Micheldever, Hampshire in England. Now they have their headquarters there. One can visit their website and check for MOT, car servicing on the best prices. They also cater services for bikes aat equally better rates. They are authorized with the brands like Ducati, BMW, Kawasaki, Honda, Harley Davidson etc. They have different packages for car servicing depending on the need and budget. They have more than 150 fast fit garages.

Free Tire Checks

Tires can yield convenience and safety when in good condition and maintenance. They could also cause discomfort and accidents when faulty or underpressurized. ProTyre is committed to boosting its clientele’s road safety by providing free checks.

ProTyre will ensure your tire meets legal standards regarding tread depth, pressure, and uneven wear. They also check your batteries and alignment, making sure your braking and suspension systems are safe and responsive.

Discounts on New Parts

ProTyre values its customers and appreciates their need for affordable, reliable automobile service. Therefore, it offers reasonable pricing for new parts and motivates customer loyalty through ProTyre Promo codes.

In 2020, ProTyre offered more than 41 Protype voucher codes to boost transportation and offer resilience against economic recession. The most recent discount rates are in the 10%, 20%, and 30% ranges.

Even Without those promo codes, ProTyre products are excellent and affordable. They differentiate their servicing plans into packages: gold, silver, and bronze. Moreover, they are easy to deal with because of:

  • Automated, appealing, online booking.
  • Same-day servicing.
  • Dedicated staff that aims for ultimate customer success.
  • All-under-one-roof automobile solutions.

How to Redeem ProTyre Discount Codes

By visiting ProTyre’s website, you can browse its most recent and available discount offers. The deals are matched by a green ‘redeem’ button, and clicking on it reveals the discount code. These discount codes are also available on third-party sites like Tripplo. Copy your discount code, and proceed to redeem it when booking appointments online on the ProTyre site.

ProTyre beats its deadlines and delivers ordered parts by the scheduled installation date. Moreover, it offers a 12-month warranty for all its tires to secure its customers’ success.

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