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Raw Made Simple has the largest variety of high-quality convenient ready meals for dogs. They use only the best human-grade local meat with no added vegetables or grains for creating their ready meals made especially for dogs.

Raw Made Simple is an independent producer working to make the highest quality in-house meals for your pets. They collect the local ingredients daily and manufacture the finished frozen meals within 48 hours. They create only the best and the freshest meats for your dogs. They offer a different meal every day, coarse minced lovely textured food made from the best quality ingredients for all your pets especially dogs.

What are the advantages of feeding raw food to your dogs?

If you are feeding raw meat to your dog, then you will see that your dogs love it. They have smaller pellet-like stools which are easy to pick up, reduced smelling or odorless stools with less wind, fresh breath, better tar free teeth, glossy odor-free coats, an improved and strong immune system, reduced itching and licking caused by allergies, healthier joints and reduced inflammation, better internal organ function, reduced anal gland issues, pancreatitis is often easier to manage on a raw diet, other conditions often improve and require less medication.

Sales and Discounts

Raw Made Simple has a dedicated “Sales” page. Whenever you are buying something from this website, make sure to visit their sales pages to get the best deals. They also offer a lot of other promotional discounts like the bulk discount in which you can use up to 10% for all orders above £200. Use code “BULK200” in the checkout. Further, you can save 15% on orders over £300. Use code “BULK300” in the checkout. If you are ordering for the first time from Raw Made simple, then use the coupon code “FIRSTORDER” in the checkout and get an instant discount of 10%of on your first order.

Certification and Convenience

Raw Made Simple is fully DEFRA approved 13/373/8103 ABP/PTF and they continually check and test their products and suppliers to ensure your dog will always be healthy and eat only healthy food.

Raw Made Simple main aim is to provide convenience to its customers. You just have to buy the ready meals from them, thaw, open, and serve. You don’t have to do any measuring; there is no wastage, no mess, and no fuss. You get the best quality meat for your dogs which is fresh and ensures that they are always healthy.

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