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Dogs are the happiness in their owners' lives. Their energy and undying love and loyalty make them unequivocally man's best friends.  As their best friend, we want them to be the best, healthiest version of themselves. And that means providing them with the best quality items for survival, including food.

However, most of the dog food in the market does not cater to the needs of your dog individually. This comes as no surprise: most companies mass-manufacture a product that is more likely to cover the main aspects of nutrition for dogs.

However, much like every person works best with a personalized diet, dogs also have certain needs that are particular to them and aren't addressed by these mainstream products. If these needs go unnoticed and are not fulfilled, they can lead to serious long-term detriments for the dog's health, even though regular dog food products on the market cover all the basic nutrition needs.

To ensure that your dog's nutrition is catered to adequately and that no compromise is made, Tails.com is here.

Tails.com takes a much more personalized approach when designing food. The process goes as follows:

You reach out and contact the employees at Tails, and you tell them about the age, breed, and any other significant details about the dog. They make your dog personalized kibble designed just for it. They deliver it to you monthly, without any contact or hassle, assuring your dog never runs out of the food it needs and deserves.

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