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Footwear can be a bother sometimes. Not only is good quality footwear hard to find, but it is also often overpriced. And once you do end up purchasing it, you find out that they aren't comfortable to wear for extended periods, which is highly inconvenient for you because you just came to that realization in hour 1 of a grueling, 3-hour long seminar on ethics in the workplace, and you can't leave to change them.

Now, while they don't have a solution for office footwear, Teva does provide comfortable footwear in the most laid-back form of footwear: sandals and slippers.

There seems to be a consensus surrounding sandals and slippers in the modern world of fashion; that sandals and slippers are a bit of a dated look, a sort of relic of a previous era. With the rise in the popularity of sneakers, sandals have taken a bit of a back seat. People agree that, much Like Elvis' getup and hair, they haven't aged as well with the times.

However, this is blissful ignorance. Not only are Teva's sandals and slippers distinctively comfortable, but they look exceptionally classy and sleek on their wearers as well.

Teva provides an extensive catalogue o both sandals and slippers. Their footwear is available in a wide variety of sizes and designs for men, women, and children alike.

They also have collabs with premier names like Christian Cowan, asserting that sandals and slippers are far from a washed-up, out-of-fashion commodity.

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