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Exmoor is a beautiful holiday destination, often referred to as England’s best-kept secret. It stretches over an area of 267 square miles of varied landscapes. It has moors, coastline, forest, farms and several quaint, picturesque villages, stretched over West Somerset and North Devon in South West Britain.

Best of Exmoor started off as a DIY project that converted horse stables into full-fledged, modern holiday cottages, done by the owner Chris Lister. Best of Exmoor offers beautiful, modern, and comfortable holiday cottages that give an amazing hyper-local short and mesmerizing getaway opportunity.

See our Best of Exmoor discount codes and offers and enjoy an amazing holiday experience on a good budget.

Explore Exmoor and find your dream holiday

Exmoor is an independent and local team that works for you as your family guide on your holiday. With their experience in the holiday letting industry, they can guide you to make the most out of your holiday with the least hassle. At Exmoor, you can find Sea View Cottages, Ground Floor Bedroom Cottages, Cottages with Hot, Tubs or Pools, Boutique & Unique Cottages, Kid Friendly Cottages, North Devon Cottages, Cottages on the Coast, Dog-friendly Cottages, and Exmoor Farm Cottages. They can set any arrival day or duration of stay to suit you, with the flexibility to adjust this for the time of year. You can find suitable places according to any occasion like Valentine’s, February Half Term, Easter, Early May BH, Late May BH, July, August, October Half Term, Christmas, or New Year. Exmoor Guide will assist you throughout your holiday like what ar best things to do during your Exmoor stay, best places to eat and any more.

Let your property with your own rules

Exmoor offers Happy Owners services for your stay where you can select your cottage with your rules and stay at the cottage as much as you like. They do not stipulate owner bookings or do not prevent you from using the property during peak weeks. The great benefit of owning a holiday property is to be able to use it yourself with your own choice.

You can choose the prices you are happy with because they uniquely tailor prices for each property.

They are well aware of the local market and have the aim to achieve maximum profit for you. They are totally flexible to adjust prices to match your budget. You can utilize that space in the way you want to use it with complete authority during your ownership.

There is much more to explore, for more details of cottages and places, visit their site today and find the perfect holiday spot with Exmoor.

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