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Unlock 15% your first meal plan at The Good Prep

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Frequently asked questions about our The Good Prep discount codes, deals and offers

How many discount codes and offers from The Good Prep are there at the moment?

Today, February 25, 2024, there are 3 The Good Prep offers and discount codes listed here on

Are there any voucher codes and discounts from The Good Prep that soon will expire?

Yes, right now there are 1 The Good Prep discounts with an expiry date. The discount with the least time left before it expires is Unlock 15% your first meal plan at The Good Prep and this discount ends March 1, 2024.

Which The Good Prep discount is the most popular at the moment?

The The Good Prep discount that has been used the most is Up to 50% off at The Good Prep. This discount has been used 166 times.

About The Good Prep

The Good Prep is a company that specialises in making and delivering healthy meals and fresh food for its clientele. This includes anyone who doesn't have the time or doesn't want to be burdened by shopping, prepping meals, or cooking them. The Good Prep prepares delicacies to help you achieve your goals, whether business, health, or family-related. Food that will help you focus, acquire clarity, and stay energised. They all know that consistency is the key to success in any endeavour, and their meals will help you stay on track without becoming bored.

The Good Prep logo banner

Good Prep isn't your typical meal prep company, so the flavour is a big part of what they do. They honour their broad cultural influences and modern approach to nutrition by employing cutting-edge procedures in a traditional setting. They're here to help you eat well and stay healthy without sacrificing your taste senses. They also provide a personalised meal plan for those who want custom-made orders.

The company guarantees that they will never put anything unhealthy in your food. They serve only the greatest, freshest, and most delicious ingredients, ensuring you can taste the difference in every meal. However, their commitment to excellence extends beyond healthy eating and nutritious meals. They want individuals to have time to themselves, not waste it aimlessly roaming around doing aisles in shopping malls or grocery stores, spending cash on fast food or settling for pizza deliveries.

According to Waste Managed, the UK wastes roughly 9.5 million tonnes of food annually. Food waste has a severe impact on the environment. It's responsible for over 25 million tonnes of greenhouse gases in landfills, and it also wastes about a fourth of our water supply.

The Good Prep plays a role in reducing food wastage. This is because their meals are pre-portioned. Customers only buy and receive the meals they eat during the week to reduce waste. It also helps that their meals can be frozen.

They take environmental duties extremely seriously at The Good Prep, which is why they utilise Icertech to package healthy meals delivered to their customers. Icertech offers a variety of packaging options for shipping chilled goods in a secure and temperature-controlled manner.

Buyers Guide

If you've decided to give the company a try, you'll want to know how to go about it. Perhaps you want delicious food to help you lose weight, or you just want to eat healthy without sourcing the ingredients or cooking the meal yourself. This is where The Good Prep steps in.

Before visiting the company's website, you should know what you want to order. By that, we mean having healthy meal plans you want to stick to.

There are several ways to curate a list of the food that should make up your meal plan:

  • Do online research and curate a list of healthy meals or recipes that you've seen from blogs or online magazines.

  • If you're a family plan, ask your loved ones what their favourite healthy foods are and construct your food plan based on that.

  • Reserve certain days for specific meals. For instance, Fridays can be for air-fried chicken and sticky Thai meatballs. Sundays can be for a plant-based diet such as sweet potatoes. Something like that

  • Jot down healthy meal ideas that come to you.

  • Decide on the goal. If it's weight loss, your research for suitable food plans should be tailored towards that. If you just want healthy and fresh meals, research with that in mind.

There are several benefits that come with ordering your favourite foods from The Good Prep:

  • The meals are delivered straight to your address.

  • The company doesn't charge for delivery, and its coverage is nationwide.

  • Availability of personalised food plans for customers who want custom orders.

  • You get to enjoy meals prepared from natural and fresh ingredients.

Thanks to Good Prep discount codes, customers can now enjoy healthy and delicious meals at a lower price. The meal plans, which have a certain percentage axed off the original price, will be delivered directly to your residential address when you place your order. New and existing customers can be eligible for the discount codes via the Good Prep newsletter, Good Prep vouchers, or the Good Prep coupon code.

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Below is a list with examples of various old and new Good Prep discount codes and deals:

  • The 15% off Good Prep voucher code for all meal plans: This is a general Good Prep discount code for all customers. To be eligible, you have to visit the company's website to place an order and create a meal plan.

  • The 10% off discount for new customers: This Good Prep discount code is exclusive to only new customers who spend at least £65.

  • The 10% off Good Prep discount code for 1-week meal plans: This Good Prep discount code is for customers with a maximum spend amount of £150 on week-long meal plans.

  • 10% discount for the first order after signing up for the Newsletter: To be eligible, the customer has to sign up for the Good Prep Newsletter with a valid email, and they will get the code through it. It can be used for the next order they place on the company's website.

  • Pay in 3 instalments: With Klarna, customers can purchase their meal plans or orders with an interest-free payment plan that can be settled in 3 instalments.

  • 3-day meal plans from £62 a week: This is for those who need a mid-week boost. You can start the meal plan on Sunday or Wednesday and get your delivery on the same day.

  • 5-day meal plans from £110 a week: This plan includes two deliveries of fresh food to the customer's billing address on Sundays and Wednesdays.

  • 6-day meal plans from £124 a week: This plan is similar to the 5-day plan with the addition of a meal plan for an extra day.

Good Prep FAQ Section

Do Good Prep discount codes include or exclude surcharges?

Any discount code that Good Prep offers to its clientele only applies to the price of the meal plan they're ordering. It doesn't cover the delivery charges or other surcharges that have been clearly stated.

Are Good Prep discount codes transferrable or redeemable?

No, they're not. The discount codes are only useful on the account the company offered it to. You can't transfer this Good Prep discount code to another customer, and you can't convert it to cash.

How many Good Prep voucher codes can I use per transaction?

As a customer, you're only entitled to one Good Prep promo code per order, and you can only redeem those Good Prep discounts once.

What happens if the Good Prep voucher codes are used in breach of the agreement or terms and conditions?

The company reserves the right to reject the discount offer or even reclaim it if an agreement or condition has been breached.

How can I apply the Good Prep discount code?

When you've placed your order and proceeded to the payment/checkout page, you should review the options you've presented and make any changes you see fit. Here, you'll see where to apply the Good Prep codes to offset the total cost of the order. Copy the Good Prep discount code and paste it into the box, then hit "apply." The worth of the Good Prep coupon code will be deducted from the total amount of your order. When this happens, you can proceed to make payment for the discounted price of your order.

How much does The Good Prep charge for deliveries?

The company offers free nationwide delivery as an incentive to all its customers. This is a great incentive because it helps them save money on delivery charges.

Valid The Good Prep discount codes and offers for February 25, 2024

Discount details Expires
Unlock 15% your first meal plan at The Good Prep March 1, 2024
Up to 50% off at The Good Prep No expiry date
Exclusive The Good Prep discount codes and offers No expiry date
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