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Townsend Music has established itself as one of the top online music merchants in the UK. It specializes in the greatest new bands and the cream of renowned alternative musicians. The website has become a haven for music enthusiasts who can't get their fix on the high street. From the top 40 to the greatest in underground rock and hip-hop, they have a wide selection of music and movies. Their music inventory updates on a regular basis because they are a disc trading site with new and old discs.

Townsend Music was founded at a time when chain stores were ruthlessly devouring small and local businesses. Its staff is an all-star squad of music retail professionals with a breadth of knowledge that is unrivaled in the industry. You can connect to people and music together, thus it emphasizes customer service. This online store also includes a large range of new LPs, CDs, cassettes, vinyl records, box sets, music DVDs, and related merchandise, many of which are exclusives.

You are warmly welcomed here!

They try to create a respectful environment at Townsend, where everyone is welcomed and no music fan is unsatisfied. They carry this spirit of inclusion and respect from our homes to our new online environment, and they are eager to bring these values with them. The stores are located at easy to approach places where honorary customers are offered special giveaways as gifts and presents on special occasions.

They keep things always updated!

The Townsend Online Record Store is ready to elevate your vinyl purchasing experience. Browse our large vinyl record selection to find your favorite album or soundtrack, or to discover new ones. Whether you're looking for antique vinyl tracks, classic album must-haves, or a fresh take on your vinyl collection, they have got you covered.

Once you intend to check out, simply click the browse and welcome to Townsend, the only music store you are looking for!

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