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Vivobarefoot is a leading minimal shoe company that provides a range of minimal designs of footwear for everyday and outdoor wearing. Minimalist footwear is close to natural walking and running like barefoot walking and running. You were born barefooted and you should grow and stay in that way with a beautiful minimalist shoe collection. At Vivobarefoot, you will find a range of modern shoes that are less cushioned and padded with the latest materials and technology to protect your feet. With these shoes, you engage your feet more than padded shoes which are good for strengthening your feet muscles and injury rates will be lower than any other shoes you wear.

Vivobarefoot was founded in 2012 by two seventh-generation cobblers Galahad and Asher Clark and their aim is to manufacture sustainable footwear for all. They believe, that being closer to nature will protect you. They provide perfect shoes that are healthy for you and the planet.

Their complete collection of shoes is handpicked that is based on value, test impressions, expert recommendations, and the overall performance of the shoes. All the shoes are solid, comfortable to fit in a wide range of feet. Shoe categories include shoes for outdoor, active running, and for everyday wear. They have collections of vegan, winterproof, and soul of Africa. They have affordable prices on all their collections, you can also find some clearance and seasonal deals/discounts as well.

Reconnect with nature through ultra-light vegan shoes

Vivobarefoot has a huge collection of unique vegan shoes that are made with recycled materials that are post-consumer plastic waste. They reuse it to reduce their waste in landfills. These shoes are breathable that prevent the appearance of bacteria. You can wear these shoes with a sustainability statement. The materials used in these vegan shoes are as good for nature as they are for your feet. You should try their Primus Bio shoes that are made from plant-based materials, it is really amazing and comfortable to your feet. You can walk freely without leaving a heavy footprint, if you want lighter and more durable shoes, Vivobarefoot is an ideal brand for you.

Make a move to minimalism with Vivobarefoot collections

Their barefoot men’s shoes are designed as Wide, Thin & Flexible shoes. All have a unique puncture-resistant sole that gives your feet the comfort to move naturally with more flexibility and stability. You can choose your favorite pair for a comfortable everyday walk or for the toughest outdoor activities. For women, they provide the same quality and freedom of natural walking and to improve ankle and calves support and strength. These shoes can reverse the long-term damage to your feet. Their kids’ collection is also amazing to help your little ones in their confident steps without any discomfort. You can find a huge collection for your kids from preschool shoes to their early teens. They have a complete range to support your kid’s feet in his/her early stages, especially they have planet-friendly vegan shoes and Mini-Me twists. Take the time to browse all their shoe collections and choose the best fit for you.

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