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Whether it's beautiful teaware to replace older sets, eye-catching server ware, gorgeous dinner sets, or just a classy, charming vase to liven up that ugly table you got gifted on Christmas, there is no better way to acquire any and all of the above, than from the wide variety of stunning antique and modern designs available at Wedgwood.

Wedgwood has been making the best teaware and dinner sets from fine bone china for over two and a half centuries, with the first Wedgwood piece crafted back in 1759. As the times have passed, Wedgwood has not abandoned its traditions in favor of modern advancements. While Wedgwood uses state-of-the-art materials in its production, each piece is still handcrafted and requires an average of 36 hours and four painters to complete, showing that they are willing to put in that extra effort to ensure the most gorgeous sets are available for the customers.

Wedgwood provides some of the finest Tableware in the world. Their dinner sets are all high-quality, breathtaking works of art, sure to be essential in your tableware collection.

Teaware is something Wedgwood hangs its hat on, with them being the innovators of Jasper and all that good stuff that comes with it. Classic aesthetics that don't feel out of place in a modern setting are what best describe Wedgwood teaware.

And because they deal in gorgeous china and Jasper, their decor works are all individual pieces of art to liven up your home with glamorous designs


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