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Whittard of Chelsea is a British coffee company that sells coffee, tea, and kindred products. Walter Whittard founded it in 1886. It was emerged on the Alternative Investment Market in 1996, and grew quickly, establishing a network of around 120 outlets and numerous tea rooms. Now, the company has more than fifty stores in the United Kingdom and one in Taiwan.

Amazing Advents and Top Picks

Whittard of Chelsea is dedicated to providing the greatest level of quality and service while honoring our history and innovation to offer new experiences. From the farmers who tend the red-ripe coffee cherries to the expert roasters who extract the finest from every bean, it takes a lot of hands to make the perfect cup of coffee. Authenticity is something we have always promised, and our great coffees have proven it. With that, they offer instant teas and heavenly hot chocolate spoons. Apart from drink services, they offer a variety of tableware equipment, including elegant tea-glasses, teapots, tip-top glassware, and plates and saucers so you can treat your table beautifully.

The Genuine Heart of Whittard of Chelsea

Freshness is one of the most important aspects of great coffee. The main cause of stale coffee is oxygen exposure. All of our coffee beans are packaged in one-way valve bags as soon as they are taken from the roaster. For up to a year, the beans will remain as fresh as the day they were roasted. You can also witness the deliciousness that lies on top of a cup is what makes coffee lovely. That solitary cherry is kept by every Whittard Coffees employee. Choosing not to take the easy way out means ensuring product quality. It's not the quickest way, but it yields the finest coffee.

Soul-warming gifts and presents

At Whittard, they are pioneers when it comes to doling out big spoonfuls of joy. With their carefully selected gift options, you can put a smile on their face no matter what the season is. These presents, which include anything from world-class teas to heart-warming hot chocolate, are sure to please.

A lot has occurred over a cup of coffee. A weekend isn't complete without a visit to Whittard. It's a sanctuary for writers. The first date in a romantic relationship. A swarm of bibliophiles. This is a place that ought to be acknowledged and praised. So, visit the place now!


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