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Wordery is a startup started by 5 friends sharing a passion for reading in the year 2012. Having worked in the book industry for 40 years, they decided to start on their own. The owners thought that because of online retail business selling books, the value of bookshops was getting diminished gradually. Hence, they came up with a solution where they established an online bookshop. The concept is the same as shopping in a physical bookshop. The book lovers can check the new arrivals on the website and chat with the staff that can help these customers to pick out the perfect book. The website of wordery gives you the same experience as a bookshop which is open all the time and with staff always available. The team that was earlier of 5 people became a team of 25 people. Apart from selling books online, Wordery believes in the need for literacy and works with several charities and primary schools to help people develop the habit of reading and get literate.

Your very own online book store

We all love reading a good book during our leisure time, especially during lazy Sunday afternoons or rainy weekends. Reading is an invaluable habit that is easy to inculcate but hard to keep. Nowadays, people hardly find the time to indulge in this relaxing activity, let alone go out to an actual store and buy a book. Everybody wants to prevent wastage of their valuable time and want things delivered to their doorsteps. Wordery addresses all these problems ingeniously by providing a platform for you to easily select the right book for you and order it from your home. Their support staff is skilled and experienced and can guide the reader in choosing the best book suitable for them.

Experience the pleasure of visiting a book store online

Wordery’s unique and revolutionary style of customer service is revolutionary as it replicates the feeling of an actual bookstore on their site. They have 24/7 staff assistance that is friendly and understanding and who guide you through their vast array of books as one might do in an actual book store. The readers are well taken care of, and their reading needs are addressed by the accommodating staff, which provides an authentic and novel experience. It doesn’t matter if you are new to the fantastic world of books or a veteran. You are guaranteed to find something that you will like regardless. Simply log in to their site and order a book, and sit back and relax; Wordery is working on delivering it to you as soon as possible!

Free Delivery All Over The World

Wordery is one of the fastest-growing online book stores, and its mission is to provide readers with a trustworthy retreat to buy the books they love for the lowest prices. They have an inventory of over 10 million books and offer free delivery worldwide! So, if you are looking for a reliable source to buy books from, look no further; Wordery is your final destination.


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