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The spirit of Italy has been captured and distilled into a modern wardrobe. In a country renowned for its sophistication, the art of ‘sprezzatura’ (the art of deliberate carelessness) can be found in both its tailoring and sportswear. Art and function come together to create something greater than the sum of their parts where perfection is found in the interaction between the garment and the situation, fading dyes, end-of-event creasing, and unscheduled weather are all examples of how perfection can be found in the interaction between garment and situation.

Get the highest-quality clothing for all types

It's knowing that your personal style will withstand whatever life throws at it. It's hidden inside the jeans. Alessandro Zavetti updates classic pieces, refining the best contemporary trends season after season, evolving with the industry while remaining firmly rooted in the backbone of the modern casual wardrobe: denim, according to the designer.

Streetwear is transformed into something new and exciting

Alessandro Zavetti transforms streetwear into something new and exciting by incorporating contemporary fabrics and Italian tailoring. Our t-shirts are the perfect layering piece during the winter months, but they're also perfect for an afternoon spent on the beach in Ibiza with a good book. Combining our tees with our signature denim collection will result in a timeless look that requires no introduction. Instead of avoiding it, embrace it.

Zavetti takes advantage of the natural environment to create collections that are inspired by fashion history and are suitable for outdoor wear. As a result, pieces that are even better in practice than they are in theory are produced. Zavetti is the mountain range that you are looking for. Whether you're wearing a Zavetti Canada coat on the streets of London or on the slopes of the Alps, make sure you're doing so for a good cause. Zavetti Sport understands the significance of physical appearance.

Elevated in fashion and performance

Athleisure collections that are elevated in both fashion and performance draw inspiration from high fashion and high performance to create signature pieces that bring premium fitness style to every day. Zavetti Sport is a collection of sportswear that has been designed to blend seamlessly into the modern casual wardrobe. It encapsulates the evolution of sportswear: elements of tradition and performance that have been viewed through the lens of a 21st-century premium lifestyle.

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