Below we have listed some online stores that are generous with special offers and discounts on training clothes and sometimes even issue discount codes:


FILA training clothes

FILA has an outlet in its online store where training clothes are constantly sold out at greatly reduced prices. It is quite possible to get up to 70% discount on selected parts of the range. As a student, you get a 20% discount at FILA and sometimes you can get discount codes that give a 10-20% discount when you subscribe to FILA’s newsletter. If you manage to get a FILA discount code which gives around 20% discount, well then you have really got a really good price on your new training clothes from FILA.


Just like FILA, Adidas has an outlet where outgoing models are sold at a lower price. Here you get between 50-60% discount on certain products. In the online store, you can basically always expect to get a Adidas discount code which gives you a 20% discount when you sign up for the Adidas newsletter. Sometimes you can get even more in discount, up to 25%, with the help of a discount code.


Reebok discount

Even Reebok has its outlets where they sell their high-quality workout clothes. Here you get upwards 60% discount on outgoing models. Reebok runs on the same setup as Adidas and it is extremely rare that you do not get a 20% discount with a Reebok discount code after signing up for the newsletter.

JD Williams

JD Williams is a major retailer of fashion, but also training clothes from a number of well-known brands. Here are training clothes from Adidas, Reebook, Berghaus and many more. In JD Williams always on sale offer, it is possible to get a really good discount on training clothes with up to 60% discount on the regular price. The clothes are sold quickly so it is important to be fast. There’s also JD Williams discount codes which provides additional discount. As a newsletter subscriber, it is usually possible to get around a 10% discount after registration. training clothes primarily sells sports shoes, but also some training clothes. has an always on sale offer with reduced prices on selected parts of the range. Here you can get around 30-50% discount on your new training clothes. Customers who choose to subscribe to the newsletter almost always get one discount code sooner or later. During certain periods, it can give a 15% discount and sometimes upwards of a 20% discount.

Zee and Co

Zee and Co is an online retailer of clothing and fashion that also has a range of training clothes. At Zee and Co, parts of the range are placed at a greatly reduced price in a sale section. There is a sale section for men and one for women. It is usually generous with discount codes from Zee and Co and it is not uncommon for new customers to get up to 10-20% discount with a Zee and Co discount code.

Extra tips för att få rabatt på sportkläder

Most e-commerce companies usually issue discount codes to their newsletter subscribers when different holidays occur. It can be a campaign during Easter such as “25% discount today with the code XXXX” or a campaign during Valentine’s Day that reads “15% discount with the discount code XXXXX”. Whether it is a larger holiday such as Christmas and Easter or a slightly smaller holiday such as Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day, there is often some form of discount code in the inbox for those who subscribe to various online stores’ newsletters. Our tip is therefore to start subscribing to various newsletters from senders who sell training clothes. If you are not in a hurry to buy new sportswear, just wait for the next holiday to increase the chance of getting an extra discount.