One of the effects of the pandemic is that more and more Britons have acquired dogs and another effect is that many Britons in to a greater extent devoted to domestic nature tourism and outdoor life. This combination has led to a large increase in the adoption of four-legged friends, who are allowed to follow along the British hiking trails. There are some things to keep in mind when taking a dog for a walk. Below we have put together a list of things and equipment that may be needed. Do not see this as a complete packing list, but also visit other sources to get as complete a packing list as possible.

Tweezers or tick remover

Necessary to bring to be able to quickly remove ticks.

Identification badge or necklace with your name and telephone number

Should your dog run away, the person who finds your dog will find it much easier to get hold of you if your dog bears your name and telephone number. If your dog has a microchip in the neck, it can also be identified, but requires a chip reader, which can take some time for those who find your dog to get hold of.

First aid kit for dogs

This is probably the one on this list that is absolutely most important to take with you. Today, there are really good first aid kits for dogs that contain gauze bandages, plasters, wound wipes, tape, heating blankets, tick removers and other necessary things that may be needed when the accident occurs. You can buy a first aid kit for dogs at several pharmacies and pet stores online.

Water bottle with built-in water bowl

Water bottle with built-in water bowl

This is something that really makes it easier if you want to be able to give your dog water quickly. Feel free to buy a model that can be attached to a belt or to your backpack. This type is available at most online stores with animal products, such as Zooplus. Therefore, check if there are any Zooplus discount codes available.

Foldable water bowl

A foldable water bowl is another option that takes up little space in your backpack, and during the hike, it can hang from your belt, or be in your backpack.

Provisions and candy

Try to include about the same food that your dog eats at home. Also, some dog candy or snacks are perfect to be able to give your dog to be able to quickly replenish their energy during a walk. A really tasty piece of candy can also be placed in the bottom of a half-filled water bowl to get a dog that drinks poorly to get water.

Luminous necklace or lamp that is attached to a dog necklace or harness

If your dog will occasionally be allowed to be untied at the place where you intend to spend the night, it is a good idea to equip it with some form of lamp. An otherwise calm dog can easily get weathered on something or get scared and run away. So if theres something that shines on the dog, it will make it much easier to find it again.

Small shovel

Perfect for burying dog poop that has ended up in the wrong place.

Compostable dog bags

It will most likely be sparse with trash cans along your hiking trail. Bringing dog poop bags in place should therefore be avoided as it should absolutely not be left in nature. Bringing compostable dog poop bags that can be buried and decayed in nature is therefore a much better alternative. You can buy compostable dog bags from, for example Monster Pet Supplies. Do not miss to use one Monster Pet Supplies discount code to get a little extra discount.

Dog shoes

Dog shoes

If you are going to walk in a terrain with rocks and cliffs, you should consider putting a pair of protective shoes on your dog. An injured paw can cause extreme pain, and a poor dog who is forced to walk with pain is something we animal lovers really want to avoid.

Chewing bone

Chewing bones are definitely not the most important thing to take with you when you and your dog go for a walk, but if you have room in your backpack, it is not wrong to bring some chewing bones that your dog can enjoy after a day of walking.

Sleeping bag for dogs

Sleeping bag for dogs

Depending on the weather and on how much fur your dog has, a sleeping bag for your dog may be something to consider acquiring before your walk. Today there are several sleeping bags for dogs which partly gives the dog a slightly softer surface to lie on and above all means that there is a “blanket” to make the dogs warm and cozy.

Fluid replacement for dogs

Something that can happen during the hike is your dog gets a stomach ache and gets diarrhea or starts vomiting. The accident can occur if your dog, for example, has managed to put its teeth into an old animal carcass or something else that is inappropriate along the hiking trail. A dog with diarrhea or vomiting may easily become dehydrated, which can lead to a life-threatening condition. Bringing some fluid replacement for dogs is therefore not a stupid idea.

Dog food in the form of rice

If there is room left in the backpack, dog food in the form of a bag of rice is something you should consider taking with you on your hike. An upset stomach can often be soothed with this kind of dog food because it can be boiled in water and is probably the best option to take with you on a hike.

Saddle bag

Saddle bag

If you run out of space in your own backpack, your dog can easily help carry some of your equipment. Saddle bags can be bought in most pet stores online.

Paw ointment

Ointment for the dog’s paws is almost a must to take with you on a walk. The paws easily take a lot of beating after several hours of hiking, so being able to lubricate them with a little ointment in the evening is something that will make your four-legged friend very happy.

Safety vest

If you know that you will be walking in an area that is known to have a large population of wild boar and other animals that may confront dogs, it may be appropriate to get a safety vest for your dog. It’s a very small risk of being attacked by a wild boar if you behave wisely and have your dog tethered, but if you feel anxious and know that you will have your dog loose from time to time, a safety vest may be worth purchasing.