Maybe you’ve been on a sunny beach holiday so many times that you know exactly what you need to pack, maybe you’re a lot less experienced. Whatever your situation, you may find the women’s sun holiday packing list below useful. It has everything you need to soak up the sun, enjoy the outdoors and go sightseeing.

Packing list – examples and suggestions

A sun holiday can be anything from a weekend to several weeks. This means, of course, that the amount of packing can vary slightly. However, the most basic items should be included in every pack. It would be a shame to forget your swimsuit and sun protection factor as you set off for your sun-drenched destination!

Use this packing list the next time you travel to the sun. See what you should and must have with you. Then tick the boxes as you take out your clothes and gadgets and pack them into your bag. A packing list is always helpful and a packing list for a woman’s sun holiday is no exception.


Clothing and footwear

Pharmacy and hygiene

Money and documents

  • Passport/Visa
  • ID card
  • Bookings/reservations
  • European Health Insurance Card
  • Map
  • Guide book (Buy from Bokus and be sure to use our Waterstones discount codes)
  • Loan book/moneybook
  • Cash
  • Bank card/credit card/prepaid card
  • Book and pen

Smart gadgets and technology

5 smart tips for your packing

Women's baggage

It doesn’t sound so difficult, packing a bag for a sun holiday. Actually, it’s not that difficult, but there are some smart tips to make the process even easier. Here are five smart tips for packing.

You don’t need as many clothes as you think

The title here really says it all. It’s easy to think that so and so many dresses are needed, but the result is often quite different. Most likely, you will spend most of the day in your swimsuit or bikini.

However, one item that you shouldn’t forget to pack (and preferably a couple of them) is the sarong. A sarong is really just a larger piece of fabric that you tie around your waist. You can use it to and from the beach, to and from the pool, when you go to the restaurant and when you go shopping at a minimarket. You can also wear the sarong over your head and shoulders if you are visiting a religious site.

Pack a wet bag and a dry bag in your suitcase

A wet bag is a bag in which you can put wet clothes so they don’t get wet everywhere. A dry bag is a bag that is waterproof and keeps its contents away from moisture.

As you can imagine, you can make good use of both types of bags when you are on a sun holiday. En wet bag är perfekt att ha i strandväskan eller ryggsäcken. When you change, put your wet clothes and towel in the bag.

A dry bag protects your essentials from moisture, and that can certainly be an advantage at the beach, by the pool and out at sea. Dry bags are available in every size imaginable. Some don’t hold much more than a smartphone, while others swallow entire backpacks. A dry bag that at least holds a smartphone and some other small items is highly recommended.

Take it easy with the sports stuff

Beach tennis, snorkelling and diving, frisbees and other games perfect for the beach – the examples of activities on the beach and in the water are many. It can be tempting to pick up gadgets for different sports. It may also be wise to go easy on the numbers.

If you’re travelling to a more traditional sun destination, you can always buy beach tennis sets, frisbees, balls and more on the spot. The nearest mini market is never far away! So you don’t have to pack everything. This also applies to other equipment such as sun tents/sunshades.

Pack smart in cubes

Packing cubes are genius. They allow you to collect all your gadgets and clothes of the same type in one place. You can also save space in your bag and make it easier to find your things. Many advantages to say the least!

Packing cubes are simply square bags or pouches that you pack in. You then pack the cubes in your bag. For example, you can keep all your swimwear in one cube/bag and all your electronic gadgets in another. You can add toiletries and hygiene products in another cube and keep garments such as dresses, shorts and sarongs in another.

Don’t forget to pack for the weather

The destination for a sun holiday most certainly offers sun and warmth. Otherwise you have probably chosen the wrong place! However, the sun is not up all day and even really hot places can get a bit chilly in the evening and at night.

It is also the case that the weather can be a little unstable in some destinations, especially in early summer and late summer. Wind and even rain are not uncommon. It is therefore a good idea to research the weather and pack a little according to what the weather is likely to be like during the holiday week.

For destinations with chillier evenings, a long-sleeved knitted jumper or a cardigan are perfect choices. If there is a risk of wind and rain, a windproof and waterproof shell jacket can be packed in your suitcase.