You definitely don’t need to interrupt your training when you’re travelling (unless you just want to relax, that is!). If you want to train some strength or agility or fitness, you have all the possibilities.

Of course, you can’t bring dumbbells on the trip, but there are so many other training tools. Enjoy your trip but don’t miss the chance to keep fit with these 10 fitness tools that you can easily take with you on your trip.

Extra portable yoga mat

The traditional yoga mat is anything but easy to take on the road. Even rolled up, it takes up a lot of space. However, there are a number of nice options that you can easily stow away even in a hand luggage.

An ultralight yoga mat weighs less than a kilo and can be folded in all directions. Rubber on the underside ensures the best grip and the material is often germ-resistant. Yoga in the morning before the beach? Yoga to unwind in the evening? With a travel yoga mat, you can do a sun salutation or two whenever you want!

Trigger balls

Trigger balls

A trigger ball is a perfect training tool for travel. What is a trigger ball? It’s a small, hard ball that you use to access trigger points. The effects include reduced muscle tension and improved blood flow. You can also massage muscles and muscle nodes. The size? A trigger ball is no bigger than a tennis ball!

Take a trigger ball with you on your trip for muscle relaxation and post-trip recovery. Use it also to release tension from the stress and rush of everyday life.

Handle for push-ups

Handle for push-ups

Inventors in the training world come up with new things all the time. One exercise that is very much in focus is push-ups. There are a myriad of tools to make this incredibly effective exercise even more effective.

If you don’t mind lying on the floor and pushing off a few push-ups on the go, a pair of push-up handles might be perfect. They also allow you to exercise your hands more and get a deeper movement. There are also variants where you can put the handles in different directions. If they take up a lot of space in the pack? Not particularly!

Exercise bands with resistance

Exercise bands

You can always use your body as resistance. An arm wrestle is always an arm wrestle, whether you’re at home or travelling. If you like to keep all your muscles in shape, exercise bands with different resistance levels are also recommended.

Exercise bands, rubber bands, fitness bands – a child has many names. Some have handles, others have loops that you hold. Whatever you choose for your trip, you can exercise every muscle in your body. Either follow one of the training programmes that often come with it or use your imagination! In either case, the result is an effective workout.

Training cards and training reinforcements

When you’re in your hotel room and you think you’re going to work out, it’s not always easy to get started. What are you really going to do? You may need a nudge in the right direction! Maybe you have an exercise app on your phone? With one, you can often randomise both specific exercises and entire workouts.

However, it can be more fun and inspiring to use training cards or training reinforcements. Training cards work like a deck of cards with one exercise per card. You can buy them for both full-body training and yoga. Training reinforcements work in the same way. Often there is also a dice for time!

Runner shoes

Running shoes

With a pair of running shoes in your pack, your next workout is just minutes away. Put on your shoes, tie them and get out there! Run, walk, climb a mountain – there are no limits.

Running shoes are truly a training tool that you can easily take with you on your trip in your pack. You can also travel in your running shoes to save space. Another option is to buy a pair of minimalist running shoes with a thin sole and not much padding. Don’t have any good running shoes? Please visit the Adidas online store to find a wide range of running shoes and other types of training shoes. If you find something to buy, don’t miss out on using an Adidas discount code via us.

Core slider sliding plates

Sliding plates

The easiest way to exercise your stomach – whether you’re at home, at the gym or in a hotel room – is to do sit-ups. However, there are more fun and even more challenging exercises. Sliding plates can help take abdominal training to a new level both at home and on the move.

What are sliding plates? Simpler training tools do not exist. It’s about two round tiles that can slide on the floor! When you press forward and backward on the plates, they move and in this way you can train strength, balance and stability of the core muscles and the whole body really.

Strength training for the hands

It’s always good to have good strength in your hands. It’s great for both exercise and everyday life, especially if you spend a lot of time at a keyboard. At home in the gym, you train your hands while lifting weights and hanging from the barbell, but what can you do on the road? You can use a hand trainer.

Hand trainers barely take up any space in the pack. The classic model consists of a steel spring and two handles. Your task is to push the handles together! However, there are other variants as well. A popular (and quite fun!) variation is a power ball. A gyro inside the ball spins, gradually increasing the force you try to resist. How long can you last?

Skipping rope

Perhaps the number one piece of exercise equipment that you can easily take with you on your trip is the skipping rope. A skipping rope really takes up minimal space! It consists only of a rope and possibly two handles. The most modern models do not even have ropes, but only wires covered with plastic.

Jumping rope is also among the most effective forms of exercise. You train your muscles, lungs and coordination in one go. What’s more, it doesn’t take many minutes before you feel that your workout is a success.

Kettlebells with sand

Kettlebell with sand

The old Russian invention of kettlebells is now available in every gym and many people have one of these cannonballs with handles at home (maybe even you?). Kettlebells are incredibly functional and it is easy to train the whole body.

However, taking a kettlebell weighing 8, 16 or even 24 kilos with you on your journey is no mean feat. Fortunately, there are clever alternatives. Sandbells are durable bags made of soft plastic or vinyl. When empty, they take up minimal space. When filled with sand (or water), they work like regular kettlebells.